How to realize bootstrap-datepicker simply

Datepicker is a graphical user interface widget, which present on a website allows users to select a date or a date range. It is a component that by default displays a date entry field, and a calendar that appears when you click on the entry field. In the following lines, I show you step by…
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themes gratuits Bootstrap pour site moderne

20 Best Free Bootstrap Templates

You will discover in this article the best free bootstrap templates with great features. The power of the internet is no longer a secret for anyone today, the proof is that many want to take advantage of this power of the internet to highlight their business and reach many more people. Web designers are aware…
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image gratuite libre de droit

20 free image banks

The image helps enormously to capture the attention of an Internet user, a visitor, a prospect or a customer at the first contact. Unfortunately, to capture the attention, many person use for their web project or any other project, images of lesser quality, because their budget does not allow them to buy quality images with…
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thème gratuit responsive html5/css3 pour site d'entreprise

25 Best Free HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

If you are looking for a responsive website template for business, SEO, restaurant, sports, design agency or medical sector… You can certainly find the right theme for your project in the collection offered below. No need to spend tens of Euros or dollars on a template marketplace. The entire collection below offers you only free…
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popup bootstrap

How to create a Bootstrap popup easily in 3 simple steps

What is a Bootstrap popup? What is it used for? And above all how to implement it in a web project? The Bootstrap popup is a small window designed with the Bootstrap library that is superimposed on a web page after putting a gray mask on it. Its uses are multiple, it can be used…
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réaliser un formulaire à l'aide de Bootstrap

How to create a Bootstrap Forms easily in 2 simple steps

Bootstrap, to help us make beautiful forms, it gave splendor to the HTML form elements whose primitive styles are unattractive. Let’s discover in 2 steps how to design beautiful Bootstrap forms with his fourth version. Design Bootstrap Forms with BS4 (Bootstrap 4) First Step : Know and apply Bootstrap 4 styles for form elements THE…
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shopkeeper : thèmes wordpress gratuits pour site ecommerce

20 Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes with Great Features

Nowadays more people are buying the products online, this is the perfect time to have an online presence and make your products known. With the huge collection of free ecommerce WordPress themes available, you can easily create your online store. With their features, you can create a WordPress website with a unique design and great…
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moonstore : thème pour site d'ecommerce

20 Best Free Ecommerce Website Templates With Great Features

You will discover the amazing and great free ecommerce website templates in this article If you are a merchant with only a physical store to make your sales, you can multiply your customers and your sales by creating an e-commerce site. Here is why… Nowadays, most of the customers are in the habit of looking…
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online shop : thème wordpress gratuit

20 Best Free themes for WordPress with premium theme features

Are you looking for free themes for wordpress to build a website? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In the following article, I’m putting forward 20 powerful wordpress themes designed with love by professional web developers available for free download. Unlike HTML5/CSS3 responsive themes, you can customize these themes as you want with…
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