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Divi is now very well established in the WordPress ecosystem thanks to divi builder and multipurpose divi wordpress templates.

Launched in 2013 by Elegantthemes, it has now won the hearts of more than 800,000 users and millions of WordPress websites run on it.

Despite its popularity, it’s not always unanimous.

In the beginning, it was only a premium template with its page builder, but today it has evolved a lot and is a complete toolbox.

In the following lines, we will present it at length and give all the details about it to give you a clear idea about this theme.

The elements and information presented in this article will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to choose Divi for your web project.


Divi’s little story

elegant thème(société éditrice de Divi)

Like any other great achievement, Divi was born out of trying to find a solution to a situation.

Kenny Sing, current Design Director of Elegantthemes (Divi’s publisher), asked himself “How do we create something that could replace every template? ”

Since each a new template was released, another one had to be created.

Inspired by the AVADA theme and its page builder (the theme that dominated the market at the time and is still one of the most purchased WordPress themes today), Kenny created a mockup and proposed it to Nick Roach, the CEO of Elegantthemes.

Enthused by the new project, they started designing it and thought they would present it to the WordPress community after 2 months of work.

They didn’t know how much work would be required to complete the project, so after 6 months of hard work, the first version of Divi was released in 2013.

As soon as it was released the success was there, and continues until today.

This success has continued over time, because the Elegantthemes team was aware of the fact that they released their flagship product, so they kept working to improve it, making it richer by adding new modules and new features.

Kenny Sing in an interview with Josh Hall tells the whole story of Divi and gives some interesting anecdotes.

Divi, what is it exactly?

Many people identify Divi as a WordPress template and they are partly right.

The truth is that it’s more than a WordPress theme, it’s a toolkit that includes 3 powerful tools.

With Divi, you have both a multipurpose WordPress theme, a powerful divi page builder and divi theme builder.

Divi, the WordPress template

It is a very feature-rich WordPress theme. Divi wordpress template is versatile and suitable for any project, as it comes with a set of modern and high-quality layout packages.

It can be used following the logic of free WordPress themes, namely using the WordPress customization tool to manage the logo, change the colors or even the typography.

But the particularity is that the Divi WordPress template comes with other options available in “Theme Options”.

Here you can also modify the theme as you wish with the options available to you.

Divi also offers you the possibility to create your own designs with its page builder.

Divi, the page builder

éditeur visuel de divi (Divi Builder)

Divi’s page builder, commonly called Divi Page Builder, plays two roles:

  • It allows you to modify the theme or make advanced layouts from scratch.
  • It provides all necessary modules (more than 40 modules) for new designs: button, image, video, gallery, text+icon, sections, text, spacing, testimonials, sliders…

All modules provided are customizable.

The builder allows you to create sections that you can reuse on other pages of your site, it also integrates a wireframe mode where you have a preview of the structure of your page.

With the page builder, you have a visual editing interface, which shows you the page as it appears to visitors, and when hovering the mouse over the page elements the customization options appear, allowing you to modify them.

Divi Page Builder is a very powerful tool, which once well mastered allows you to make any type of layout.

Divi, the theme builder

constructeur de thème de Divi (Theme Builder)

If you use WordPress regularly, you know that it is not possible to change the header and footer formats of a theme.

The same is true for taxonomies (categories, tags, authors, and archives).

But if you’re using Divi, you don’t have to settle for taxonomy layouts or header and footer formats.

Divi Theme Builder allows you to customize all these elements to your liking.

It even allows you without any PHP/HTML knowledge to take control, where WordPress and the theme used to be in control.

Divi’s strengths and weaknesses

Like any work, Divi has its strengths and weaknesses.

And if Divi will soon be 10 years old in the WordPress ecosystem, and if its users have not stopped growing, it is because its assets are useful and numerous, and as for its flaws, they are corrected with each new version.

Divi’s Weaknesses

Divi does not offer a free version, it is only available as a paid version.

Actually this can’t be considered as a weakness since Elegantthemes offers 30 days trial, and you get your money back if you are not satisfied.

On the other hand, its poor translation into French is a real weakness.

If you are not familiar with English, you will be confused by its French translation. It was translated using automated services, so the translation leaves something to be desired.

To help the French community to use Divi without facing the language problem, Fxbenard offers a well translated French version of Divi called Divi French.

Another weakness of Divi, is that it takes time to fully get the hang of Divi Builder.

But once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy working on any project with Divi.

Divi’s advantages

The first advantage of Divi is its quality/price ratio.

You can get Divi for life with its many features for less than 220€.

This price also includes upgrades and lifetime support.

You can use Divi for as many websites as you want regardless of the plan you subscribe to, there are no limitations.

Divi has a large and active community. Community members help each other a lot, tutorials with good explanations and blog posts are offered, not to mention that Divi itself comes with a well-supplied documentation.

It’s a modern, flexible and high quality multipurpose theme library for all projects.

Divi builder permit to customise his templates and build project from scratch in few hours.

All the necessary features are built in to allow you to make any kind of design.

Their support is top-notch, the support team is easy to reach and responds as soon as you contact them.

Divi is regularly updated to fix reported bugs, add new features and meet user expectations.

The best resources for Divi

Divi’s resources are enormous.

Its publisher, in addition to a detailed and well-supplied documentation, offers tutorials to help you get started with Divi.

Users who have also been won over by Divi have created channels dedicated to the tool where they post tips and information about the tool.

Here are some of the best resources for Divi:

  • One of the best resources for Divi is its documentation
  • AstucesDivi: This is a French blog where you can find tips, tutorials, resources about Divi
  • Divi-community: This is a French community around Divi where tutorials, tips, plugins tests to improve WordPress websites designed with Divi are published
  • Divipourlesnuls: This is also a good resource to find answers to your questions about Divi

Apart from the above resources, there are also many tutorials on YouTube that show you how to use Divi.

In my humble opinion, the ones that are explicit with supporting details and examples are English, I recommend Darrel Wilson’s Tutorial and Ferdy Korpershoek’s Tutorial.

Divi’s prices

les tarifs de Divi

Elegantthemes offers 2 licenses for the acquisition of Divi.

A lifetime license for $249 payable once (less than $220) and an annual license for $89 (less than $78) each year.

If you consider all the features, high quality themes and modules you get when you purchase Divi, compared to the competition, this is a very competitive price.

You get support and upgrades without any additional fees.

With both packages you have access to the same features but over different periods.

If you choose the annual version, you will have to renew your subscription every year to continue to benefit from updates and support.

And if you don’t renew your annual subscription, you’ll still have access to Divi and its features, but you’ll be exposed to potential security issues.

The lifetime license grants you lifetime use of Divi, access to support and updates.

Both offers have a 30-day money back guarantee.

But it’s very unlikely that you won’t be satisfied, given its affordable price and the many benefits offered.

Who can use Divi?

Divi is designed for all types of users.

If you are a web entrepreneur without any technical knowledge, but you want to build your own website, you have a library of ready-to-use templates at your disposal.

These templates include all types of web projects, blog, real estate agency, travel agency, web agency, educational site, online store.

You just need to import the template that suits you and with the help of the many free tutorials available, you will be able to customize the chosen template and put it online quickly.

The same goes for beginners, they can proceed in the same way.

As for professionals, webmasters, web designers, they have at their disposal a powerful tool to achieve what they want.

They can use the Divi theme builder to make advanced layouts from scratch, or choose one of the templates and customize it using the visual builder.

The hundreds of demos in the Divi library are also a source of inspiration to help them build new designs from scratch.

And since Elegantthemes does not restrict the use of Divi to a certain number of sites, it is a good deal for freelancers, web developers and design agencies.

They can get Divi and use it for all types of projects.

With Divi’s features and numerous templates coupled with their usability and web design skills, they can make modern and professional websites.


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