20 best domain name generators to find an ideal domain for your business

générateur de nom de domaine

Finding the perfect domain name for your business is difficult.

Because we often come up against the unavailability of domain names that we think correspond to our business and want to create.

And this is discouraging.

Today you have at your disposal domain name generators that help you find a domain name that meets your expectations. They suggest you several domains from one or more keywords that you submit to them.

In the following lines, discover the best domain name generators that will help you find domain names that you haven’t even thought of.


The best domain name generators for creative ideas


générateur de nom de domaine

Launched in 1999, Nameboy is now one of the most popular domain name generators in the world.

It analyzes the keywords entered in its search field and suggests domain name ideas.

The special thing about this domain name generator is that it checks the availability of domain names and only suggests those that are available.


Business Name Generator

business name generator : domain name generators

Business Name Generator is a tool made by Wpbeginner (one of the biggest free WordPress resource sites for beginners).

It is a 100% free domain name generator, it was designed to help small business owners find catchy names for their business ideas.

Using it is simple, just enter your keyword in their field, and then click the button next to the field to generate a list of suggested best domain names for the keyword entered.

Business Name Generator also checks the availability of domain names.



IsltWP is a toolbox, in addition to a domain name generator, it offers other tools such as: a WordPress theme detector, a website analysis tool, WordPress tutorials and many more.

Their domain name generator is powered by Nameboy, which gives them the advantage of having a tool based on an advanced algorithm that checks domain names with the best web hosts before making their suggestion.



blogtyrant : générateurs de nom de domaine

Like the previous one, this one too is powered by Nameboy.

Blogtyrant was conceived in 2010, it offers content on blogging strategies, email marketing and SEO strategies tested and proven.

Their goal is to provide users the necessary elements to create successful blogs and online businesses.

That’s why they launched their domain name generator to help bloggers and small business owners find the best possible domain name for their business.


domain : générateur de nom de domaine

Domain was founded in 1998, they provide hosting solutions and domain names. Currently, they have more than 1.2 million websites in their portfolio.

In addition to generating domain names and offering hosting services, they also provide professional email addresses, SSL certificates, website design tools and marketing services.


Network Solutions

network solutions : domain name generators

Network Solutions is an online platform that provides businesses with web development services, website optimization, online advertising and several other services.

The interface of their domain name generator is intuitive.


Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify name generator : domain name generators

Shopify, the platform used by millions of people to sell, and ship their product also offers its own domain name generator.

Like all the other tools, it offers a field where you enter your keyword, then you hit the Generate Names button and it will suggest a multitude of domain names to choose from.

It is completely free.


Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is the work of one of the best WordPress theme providers Themeisle.

In the search field where you enter your keyword, you can add one or more keywords or enter any mixture of letters.

In the domain names they suggest, there are word combinations, rhymes and also random suggestions.


Bust a Name

bust a name : domain name generator

Bust a Name is a tool that helps you quickly find available domain names and also manage them.

It is easy to use.


Name Station

name station : générateur de nom de domaine

NameStation allows you to evaluate a large number of domain name suggestions with just a few clicks.

This tool not only suggests domain names, but also provides advice and name variations. It allows its users to define their project vocabularies, register requirements and return to the search progress at any time.

It also allows them to organize name contests and engage their community of domain name experts.



panabee : générateurs de nom de domaine

Panabee makes searching for domain names easy. Their domain name search engine makes it easy to see multiple top-level domains for the same keywords and check related domain names.

It shows the availability of domains while suggesting alternatives in case the domains are taken.



Domainr is a domain generator that offers the following benefits: built-in brainstroming, real-time domain availability, instant search and suggestion, etc.

It is a self-funded independent company that works in partnership with domain registries, it earns a commission when you buy a domain name it suggests.


Lean Domain Search

lean domain search : générateurs de nom de domaine

Founded in 2012 by Matt Mazur, this domain name generator is now acquired and maintained by Automattic, the company that publishes the WordPress content management system.

Lean domain search allows you to find available domain names while eliminating the hassle and expense of searching for a domain name.


Instant Domain Search

instant domain search : domain name search

Instant Domain Search is founded in 2005 by Beau Hartshorne.

It is based in Victoria, Canada and helps many people find domain names and also catchy names for their brand and business.



namecheap : trouver un nom de domaine

Namecheap has proven itself and continues to do so. Founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, it provides hosting services and domain name registration.

More than 15 million people use their service, including giants such as: Figma, Buffer, imgur, etc.

A mobile app for Android and iOS of the tool is offered.


Name Ideas Generator

name ideas generator : domain name generator

The interface of Name Ideas Generator is simple and intuitive.

It gives you the best domain ideas and suggestions using synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, short urls, keyword suggestions.

It has a dictionary of 5000 most frequently used domain prefixes and suffixes to give you various domain ideas.

In case the ideal domain name is not available, it suggests many other domains similar or related to your original domain ideas.



zyro : générateur de nom de domaine

Zyro is a versatile tool, in addition to the domain name generation service, it offers other services such as a website creation tool, business emails, slogan generator, image background removal tool, image resizing, privacy policy generator and many others.

Their platform is available in several languages.



truic : générateur de nom de domaine

Truic (The Really Useful Information Company) is a platform that integrates several tools available to web entrepreneurs to help them develop their business and succeed on the internet.

Apart from providing useful resources, it helps its users turn the information it makes available into an effective action plan for their business.

Their domain name generator is very easy to use.


Webhosting Geeks

webhosting geeks : générateur de nom de domaine

Webhosting Geeks founded in 2004, combines data processing, objective information and user reviews to recommend web hosting companies that will meet your needs.

On top of that, it allows you to find the perfect domain name for your business.

It is a platform used by millions of people.



godaddy : hébergeur

Godaddy doesn’t just offer hosting space, it allows you to find the perfect domain name for your project.

The interface of its domain name generator is uncluttered.

Godaddy’s generator is free, you can run it as often as you like.


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