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Who am I?

My name is Pénoel KOUKOU. I am 26 years old (in 2019) and I have been creating web templates, designing websites and designing mobile applications for 5 years. I mainly use for my web templates the Bootstrap and JQuery libraries, but for specific needs I use other Javascript libraries.

I got to know Bootstrap in 2015 when I was looking for a tool that would adapt my themes to different devices (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) and since then, due to its flexibility, richness and especially its stability, I became an avid fan.

Until today I have made several static responsive websites using Bootstrap for clients and created several themes published on various blogs. These themes have been downloaded thousands of times and have had positive reviews. I have a good knowledge of Bootstrap that I would love to share with you on this site.

What is the advantage of Bootstrap Top Design?

Bootstrap Top Design is a training site on the Bootstrap library that allows you to develop responsive web templates. You will find on this site, free and premium Bootstrap themes and also custom components designed with Bootstrap. You will also find tutorial articles, books, interviews, exercises, news, in short a lot of content related to web design in general and especially to Bootstrap.

You can start your learning process right now through the tutorials published on the blog.

Do I need to already know web development to follow the tutorials published on the blog?

Yes, you need to know HTML and CSS to follow the tutorials on this site. Especially the CSS because apart from calling the Bootstrap classes to create widgets and themes I will add my own styles to get the desired result.

Are all the themes on the site free?

We will publish free themes as well as paid themes. There will be something for everyone.

Will there be practical exercises in the tutorials?

Of course there will be, I believe that only practice makes perfect, so in each tutorial you will have something to practice to test your understanding of the course.

Whose Bootstrap books and guides are on the site?

We mention the authors of the books and guides presented on the site, we take into account the added value that the content of the books and guides will bring to the readers before offering them on the site.

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