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We don’t sell our items directly; they’re sold by reputable resellers with years of expertise, whose contact information is given when you place an order.

To make fiscal procedures easier, we’ve chosen to work with expert wholesalers (collection of intra-community VAT and taxes specific to various countries, which is ensured by these resellers in compliance with the regulations and legal provisions in force in each of the countries in which the products are marketed).

On the checkout page, there is a link to the legal information of the distributor who is handling your order.

The rights and obligations of the site editor and buyers are detailed in the general terms of sale listed below.

Any transaction entails absolute agreement of these general terms and conditions of sale by the customer.


Our dealers collect intra-Community VAT and other taxes specific to the customer’s country in compliance with the customer’s nation’s legislative and regulatory restrictions.

Terms of payment

Orders and services are paid for in the following ways:

either through a credit card,

or through PayPal

Alternatively, if Apple Pay is offered,

Alternatively, if the option is available, you can pay by bank transfer.


After you place your order, the elements will be delivered to your inbox as downloads.

Any distribution or resale of the elements is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal charges.

All of the site’s elements are and will remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the site’s editor.


The elements of the site may not be reproduced, exploited, rebroadcast, or used in any way, even in part, for any purpose.

Conditions valid from 17/12/2019 :


On the site, I promote third-party services and goods based on the value they provide to my readers.

This site serves as a resource for finding and purchasing affordable premium themes and templates based on our recommendations.

For some products and services, I utilize affiliate links, and if visitors buy through these affiliate links, I get paid.

These earnings assist in the blog’s development.

These partners can provide you with the terms and conditions of sale for these services and products.

Any disagreements must be settled with the partner who provides the service in question: the role of this site within the framework of these partnerships is restricted to a business contribution to the partner’s advantage.

The site editor reserves the right to change, interrupt, or suspend the site or any part of it at any time, for any reason, temporarily or permanently. He cannot be held liable for any potential effects of the site’s downtime.

Free Products

My site’s free products are completely unrestricted. They are suitable for personal usage.

The free tools supplied on this site by other developers may be used for personal projects or for clients, but they may not be sold directly or via a member area.

They are also not permitted to be included in your portfolio. To put it another way, you may not impersonate the creator or contributor of these works.

Keep in mind that some of these tools require a license. As a result, you are completely accountable for your actions when using these tools.

That said, Bootstrap Top Design is not responsible for any problems that may arise from the misuse of the tools we provide on this site.


The site’s editor, distributor, their managers, shareholders, employees, or partners cannot be held liable for the direct or indirect repercussions of the customer’s actions or decisions based on the information provided in the free or paid contents offered.

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