50 Best Barbershop Websites (Inspiring Examples)

original barbershop website

Explore the finest examples of barbershop websites that transcend traditional boundaries in this comprehensive compilation. From classic to avant-garde, these websites embody creativity and style, reflecting the diverse branding approaches within the industry.

The online sphere presents massive opportunities for brands, and for barbershops, a sleek and stylish website is the key to standing out. Independent barbershops are elevating their digital presence, showcasing their unique brand and services through meticulously crafted designs.

To simplify the process of realizing your barbershop website vision, consider utilizing one of these beautiful WordPress themes tailored specifically for barbershops.

In this article, we’ll delve into inspiring examples and outline essential elements to guide you in crafting an exceptional barbershop website.

Elevate your design game by exploring this curated collection and take your barbershop website to new heights.

Key Elements for Amazing Barbershop website


Strong online presence is essential for businesses, including barbershops. A stunning barbershop website not only serves as a virtual storefront but also reflects the essence of your brand.

To create a compelling online experience for your clients, consider incorporating the following key elements into your barbershop website:

  • Visually Appealing Design: Choose a clean and modern design that aligns with your brand aesthetics. Use high-quality images that showcase your barbershop’s atmosphere, staff, and services.
  • About Us Section: Share the story of your barbershop, including its history, values, and the expertise of your staff. Feature profiles and photos of your barbers to establish a personal connection with potential clients.
  • Services and Pricing: Clearly list the services you offer, accompanied by detailed descriptions. Provide transparent pricing information to set clear expectations for your clients. Consider incorporating package deals or promotions to encourage repeat business.
  • Online Booking System: Integrate a user-friendly and efficient online booking system. Send automated confirmation and reminder emails or messages to reduce no-shows.
  • Client Testimonials: Showcase positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. Include before-and-after photos to highlight the quality of your barbershop’s work.
  • Gallery or Portfolio: Create a visually appealing gallery showcasing your barbershop’s work. Feature diverse hairstyles, trends, and satisfied clients. Update the gallery regularly to keep content fresh and relevant.
  • Contact Information and Location: Clearly display your barbershop’s contact information, including phone number, email, and social media links. Integrate Google Maps or a similar tool to help clients easily find your location.

With these key elements into your barbershop website, you can create a captivating online presence that attracts and retains clients, effectively showcasing the unique personality and professionalism of your business. To bring these elements to life effortlessly, consider exploring one of these amazing WordPress themes specifically tailored for barbershops and Hair salon.

Top Barbershop Websites


Abel’s On Queen

abel's barbershop website

Abels on Queen emerges as a creative beacon in the barbershop website landscape, poised to shine in the industry.

The clever use of a dark-tone background not only conveys its message with clarity but also exudes an elegant aesthetic. Recognizing the pivotal role of the header, Abels on Queen ensures seamlessness and simplicity by implementing a sticky header, featuring the menu and logo for effective branding.

A distinctive presentation of imagery adds to the website’s uniqueness, while the service section captivates attention with a dark-tone background and white fonts, creating a visually striking and memorable user experience.


AL’s Babershop

al's barbershop website

Al’s Barber Shop embraces a timeless black-and-white design, creating a classic and sophisticated website.

The static, non-scrollable landing page features a single image and a top menu with links to various sections, providing a wealth of details. The Denver-based barbershop, renowned for men’s grooming, haircutting, and style, offers a unique menu structure that enhances user navigation.

This barbershop website stands out with a cool background image and a nice logo, adding a touch of visual appeal. Visitors can explore news about media coverage and seamlessly access an online booking form, creating a comprehensive and user-friendly online experience for patrons of Al’s Barber Shop.


Assembly Barbershop

assembly barbershop website

Assembly Barbershop website boasts a sleek and modern design, setting the tone with large, high-quality image backgrounds and decorative typography.

The user experience is thoughtfully crafted, allowing potential customers to initiate the appointment booking process effortlessly through the prominent call-to-action button within the header image. For a glimpse into their style and atmosphere, visitors can explore their Instagram feed conveniently located in the top right corner.

The simple yet effective menu provides options to learn more about the talented team or delve into the detailed history of their business, offering a well-rounded and engaging online experience.


Balls Barbershop

balls barbershop website

Balls Barbershop stands out as an exceptional source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and barbers alike, boasting an awesome website design. Greeting visitors with monochrome imagery in the hero header through a dynamic slider, the website places its contents at the forefront, seamlessly presenting key elements.

Users can effortlessly navigate through services, products, barbers, and more. A captivating addition to its introduction is a short video that provides a glimpse into the brand’s personality.

Going above and beyond, Balls Barbershop website facilitates a user-friendly booking experience, allowing customers to schedule appointments with specific barbers and conveniently browse through the options via another cool slider.


Barber Blades

barber blades website

Barber Blades serves as an inspiration for crafting a sophisticated barbershop website. It acts as a comprehensive resource for the barbering world, offering essential tools for efficient work.

This barbershop website design embraces elegance and sophistication with a black color scheme on the header and footer. Consistency is maintained in colors, fonts, navigation, and other web elements to ensure a unified user experience.

The sticky menu facilitates access to various tools used in barbershops. The website also incorporates social media integration, live chat, a newsletter subscription, and more.


Barbon’s Barbershop

barbon's barbershop website

Barbon’s Barbershop website is a visual delight with its captivating dark background and vibrant pops of color. The home page makes a bold entrance with a large full-page header image and a prominent header proudly displaying their 5-star rating.

The clever use of a bright yellow color as a highlight throughout the site ensures that action buttons and key elements stand out vividly against the black backdrop.

Whether it’s booking an appointment, exploring services, or shopping for products – including clothing for both you and your furry friends – users are seamlessly guided through a visually engaging experience.

To further connect with visitors, contact information and a preview of their Instagram feed are thoughtfully placed near the site’s footer.


B&H Barber Shop

b&h barbershop website

B&H Barber Shop’s website sets the stage with a standout header image and animated typography, elevating the user experience. The home page exudes a retro charm, featuring a stylish services menu with options to filter by haircuts, beards & shaves, and additional services.

The clever use of a sticky header enhances navigation, seamlessly transitioning from a transparent background to black for optimal readability. The pop-out navigation menu offers convenient access to the blog, services, and contact pages, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

Contact information and social media icons are neatly tucked into the footer, providing users with easy ways to stay connected.


Billy the Barber

billy the barber website

Billy The Barber’s website embodies a relaxed atmosphere, providing a haven for those seeking a respite from their busy lives. The site exudes a basic style with a personal touch, offering clear information about their offerings, location, and hours of operation.

Based in UK Birmingham, Billy The Barber prioritizes user convenience by providing a seamless booking experience for visitors interested in their services.

The website features nice scrolling effects that contribute to a smooth and visually appealing user experience. The clean menu design ensures easy navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore the various aspects of Billy The Barber’s offerings and details.



bishops: one of best barbershop websites

Bishops nails it by showcasing their brand’s unique vibe with a website that exudes energy and style. A bold custom color scheme, coupled with high-quality images, effectively communicates the brand’s distinct personality.

For the convenience of potential customers, finding a nearby location is a breeze—simply enter the desired zip code in the header image or use the locations page conveniently located in the pop-out menu at the top right corner.

Social engagement is seamlessly integrated, with social icons and a preview of their Instagram feed thoughtfully placed at the bottom of every page, ensuring visitors stay connected with the latest updates and trends.


Blind Barber

blind barber website

Blind Barber presents an engaging and interactive website that artfully portrays the various events in the company’s history. The use of a mosaic of photographs, moving graphics, varied typography, and a magazine-like layout creates a captivating experience as users scroll down the page.

Despite its size and numerous interactive features, the website is designed for quick loading, ensuring users can enjoy a seamless and responsive browsing experience.

An astounding use of a timeline enhances the storytelling aspect, allowing visitors to navigate through the company’s history with ease. The motion background adds a dynamic and visually stunning element, contributing to the website’s overall amazing look.

The excellent portrayal of pictures and videos further enhances this barber website’s appeal, making it an enticing destination for users.


Boardroom Salon

boardroom salon website

With over two decades of excellence, Boardroom barbershop website embodies sophistication with its unique color combinations against a dark background, ensuring that action buttons stand out prominently.

On the home page, potential customers can easily navigate through essential actions, from exploring detailed services to purchasing gift cards or learning about membership options.

The user-friendly experience extends to online booking, where interested customers can kickstart the process with a prominent action button in the menu bar.

This seamlessly loads a new page, empowering users to select their preferred location through a convenient options list or an interactive map—a testament to Boardroom Styling Lounge’s commitment to a smooth and tailored customer journey.


Bonefade Barbers

bonefade barbers website

Bonefade Barbers’ website seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The high-quality header image and striking typography on the home page immediately capture attention.

The integration of e-commerce functionality enhances customer convenience, allowing interested patrons to book appointments, read reviews, and explore unique products—all from the home page. The top navigation menu bar provides easy access to learn more about services, shop products, and peruse the gallery.

With an intuitive design, the user-friendly cart option positioned near the logo in the top menu bar ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, allowing users to effortlessly edit their cart or proceed to checkout.


Bruno’s Barbers

bruno's barbers website

Bruno’s Barbers stands as a motivational force for barbers worldwide, showcasing an exceptional website layout that makes introducing services and products an intriguing experience.

The content arrangement in grids, adorned with titles and concise descriptions, not only enhances readability but is also effortlessly shareable on Facebook. Going beyond the ordinary, Bruno’s Barbers integrates an Instagram feed seamlessly, offering visitors a direct connection to the brand’s values and visual content.

With a thoughtful design and social media integration, this barbershop website sets a compelling example for engaging and connecting with its audience.



capelli's barbershop website

Capellis sets the bar high as a source of inspiration for barbers seeking to elevate their online presence. The hero header, adorned with a captivating slider showcasing stunning images, immediately grabs attention.

Strategic and compelling CTAs contribute to audience growth and increased sales, recognizing their pivotal role. Notably, the presentation of testimonials adds a touch of credibility and trust. The incorporation of an off-canvas menu enhances navigation with style. Harnessing the influence of social media, Capellis wisely integrates icons linked to various platforms.

With multiple branches, this barber website facilitates seamless appointment booking at the customer’s preferred location. A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, it is a standout example in the world of barber websites.


Churchill’s Baber Shop

churchills barbershop website

Churchill’s Barber Shop strategically utilizes a black-and-white style on its website to reinforce the imagery of what the company stands for—providing “upscale tonsorial services for distinguished gentlemen.”

The deliberate use of this style conveys a sense of sophistication and elegance, aligning with the brand’s identity.

The website goes beyond showcasing services and incorporates a prominent display of the goods used in their business.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an online store for these goods, along with accessories for males, enhances the overall user experience.



crowsnest barbershop website

Crowsnest presents an outstanding website designed to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Offering a seamless experience, users can conveniently book appointments across various branches while exploring and purchasing products.

The website’s creative flair shines through with the incorporation of a stunning parallax effect in select sections, adding an extra layer of visual appeal. A short yet comprehensive video introduces Crowsnest’s genuine passion for men’s grooming, providing a personal touch to the brand.

Notably, the inclusion of a dedicated page for career opportunities caters to fellow barbers, making it a well-rounded platform that caters to both customers and professionals.


Don Barber & Groom

don barber and grooming website

Don Barber & Grooms’ website showcases a distinctive split header image, with a prominent left header and a strategically placed call-to-action button on the right, enticing visitors to explore their products.

Crafted with user experience in mind, this custom website design incorporates subtle animations that dynamically highlight images and action buttons as users scroll through the home page. The off-canvas menu adds a touch of sophistication, offering easy access to news, services, and the gallery.

While the site boasts an impressive design, it’s worth noting that the menu may pose some readability challenges without a solid background color. Nevertheless, the overall aesthetic and user-centric features contribute to a visually appealing and engaging online experience.


FreshCut Barbershop

freshcut barbershop website

FreshCut Barbershop distinguishes itself with a unique and engaging website experience. The homepage captivates visitors with a creative design that incorporates interactive elements and bold colors.

The header image takes interactivity to the next level, responding dynamically to the user’s cursor movements.

Providing a user-friendly experience, the homepage offers a concise overview of the services accompanied by a visually appealing image slideshow, allowing individuals to explore the offerings in a seamless and visually captivating manner.


Fort Worth Barber Shop

fort worth barbershop website

Fort Worth Barber Shop boasts an unconventional design that serves as a source of inspiration for fellow barbers.

The website greets visitors with a straightforward grayscale image paired with a centrally positioned headline. The use of a sticky menu enhances user navigation, making it convenient for visitors to explore various pages.

The unique presentation of the menu adds an aesthetic touch to the overall design. Additionally, this barbershop website features a captivating gallery to engage visitors along with other noteworthy elements.


Gentlemen Barber Clubs

gentlemen barber clubs website

Gentlemen Barberclubs exemplifies a top-notch barbershop website design, captivating visitors with its aesthetic prowess through the seamless implementation of the parallax effect in the hero header.

A masterful blend of barbershop essentials, impeccable typography, and a well-defined visual hierarchy creates an inspiring and creatively designed platform for barbers. The strategic use of a brushstroke effect across website elements leaves a lasting impression and maintains consistency in the overall design.

The gallery, set against a dark-toned background, adds intrigue and elegance to showcased images. Elevating its online presence, it goes the extra mile by integrating a compelling video to introduce its brand across the web, showcasing a commitment to both style and substance.


Gents of London

gents of london website

Gents of London, an independent British company specializing in “professional barbering,” presents a sleek and minimalistic website with a black-and-white design.

The website doubles as an online store, offering a diverse range of items like creams, sprays, body wash, and more, available for individual purchase, in sets, and even in vegan-friendly variants.

The website strategically places clear calls to action above the fold, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate and explore the offerings.

The powerful menu design enhances user experience, providing efficient access to the various products and categories available at Gents of London.


Hagi’s Barber Shop

hagi's barbershop website

Hagi’s Barbershop delivers a unique and immersive website experience from the moment you land on the page.

The cursor transforming into a display of nice images adds a playful touch, setting the tone for an engaging visit. As you scroll through the home page, this barbershop website unveils various typography effects complemented by high-quality videos and photography, contributing to a visually rich encounter.

The minimal-style menu at the top, while always accessible, may pose a slight visibility challenge against certain images, adding a touch of intrigue to the overall design.


Hammer & Nails

hammer and nails luxury website

Hammer & Nails adopts a modern and sleek approach to its premium barbershop website. The home page immediately captures attention with eye-catching images set against a consistent black background that maintains its allure throughout the site.

The header is designed with user convenience in mind, providing an option to enter a zip code to find a preferred location and easily schedule an appointment. The gallery section allows users to scroll through captivating images showcasing the range of services offered, from beard grooming to pedicures.

Complementing the visual appeal, a detailed list of services is presented below the gallery, ensuring potential customers are well-informed about the offerings at Hammer & Nails.


Huckle The Barber

huckle the barber website

Huckle The Barber’s conventional black-and-white website stands out for its distinctive use of quotable comments from media interviews as design components.

This unique approach adds a personalized touch to the website, providing visitors with insightful snippets from various interviews with staff, clients, and industry figures. The black-and-white pictures of their team members, arranged in columns and rows, further contribute to the site’s aesthetic appeal.

By incorporating media quotes and featuring interviews, Huckle The Barber not only showcases its expertise but also establishes a connection with visitors, offering a deeper insight into the brand’s ethos and the experiences of those involved.


Jack the Clipper

jack the clipper hair salon website

Founded by Halil Ismail, Jack The Clipper’s website strikes a balance by incorporating all brand components while avoiding the associations with Jack The Ripper, opting for earth tones to convey a more welcoming atmosphere.

This barber website features online booking and gift card shopping for a variety of services, providing users with convenient options. Simple yet effective effects enhance the overall visual appeal, creating an engaging online experience.



Lucky’s Barber Shop

lucky's barbershop website

Lucky’s barbrshop website cleverly incorporates the company’s trademark colors of green and white against a black background, effectively conveying the company’s vision.

The loud design, while visually appealing, remains simple to read, creating an engaging online environment.

The website features a unique touch with a “Menu” written in green and white chalk, drawing attention to online reservations and showcasing their offerings in a creative and thematic way.


Ludlow Blunt

ludlow blunt hair salon website

Ludlow Blunt’s website adopts a minimalist approach with only essential text, including pricing, contact information, and a link to their Instagram page.

The centerpiece of the website is a white logo against a background featuring a video tour of the store, letting the content speak for itself. This barbershop website design effectively showcases the brand, emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the company offerings.

The incorporation of emblems and icons from a specific time period into each piece of furniture and fixture adds a layer of detail and authenticity, creating a unique and memorable online representation of Ludlow Blunt’s aesthetic.


Maverick Studio For Men

maverick barbers website

Maverick Studio For Men is your go-to destination for a barbershop website that redefines creativity with its exceptional and out-of-the-box design. Embracing the awesome split-screen layout across every section, the website offers a breathtaking experience as left and right screens move in opposite directions.

The user-friendly off-canvas menu enhances navigation, allowing seamless exploration. Booking appointments across Maverick’s various branches is made easy, underscoring the website’s commitment to convenience.

The product page not only showcases Maverick’s offerings but also connects users with other brands selling products online. Aspiring barbers can explore career opportunities with Maverick through its integrated career page, making it a comprehensive platform for customers and professionals alike.


Melbourne Barber Shop

melbourne barbershop website

The Melbourne Barber Shop excels in presenting its services with clarity and accessibility on its website. The home page sets a stylish tone with a captivating black-and-white image of the shop as the header background, contributing to the site’s overall vibe.

A standout feature is the organized display of services alongside their pricing, providing potential customers with a comprehensive overview to plan for their next visit.

Booking an appointment is made almost effortless with a user-friendly form conveniently positioned below the services, ensuring a seamless experience for customers looking to schedule their next haircut or grooming service.


Mustache Barbershop

mustache barbershop website

Mustache Barbershops website design is characterized by its straightforward and efficient layout. The home page prioritizes concise information, offering convenient links to customer reviews, a brief service list, and essential contact details.

The fixed menu bar ensures users have easy access to key features, enabling them to book appointments, navigate custom service pages, contact the business, access reviews, and explore the brand’s story and location.

On the contact page, potential customers find a brief and user-friendly form to reach out or schedule an appointment at any of the Mustache Barbershops’ locations, enhancing the overall accessibility and functionality of the site.


Natural Barber

natural barber website

Natural Barber sets itself apart by emphasizing the use of natural and eco-friendly products in the barbering industry.

This eCommerce website caters to barbershops worldwide, offering a unique homepage design with images arranged in an asymmetric layout. Recognizing the importance of testimonials in enhancing a brand’s credibility, the website strategically places the reviews section just below the hero header, presented through a slider.

The hero header itself features striking typography, a compelling call-to-action (CTA), and clear, high-quality images.


New York Barbershop

new york barbershop

New York Barbershop stands out as a sleek and straightforward one-page website, adorned with cool and simple design elements. The hero header seamlessly highlights diverse images through an engaging slider, creating an enticing visual experience.

The presentation of services follows a simple and minimalist approach, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation. In a commendable extension of its offerings, the website provides various courses for individuals aspiring to learn the art of barbering, each elegantly exhibited in a straightforward box layout.

This barbershop website’s gallery, organized in a grid layout, showcases a variety of haircuts, providing customers with a visual repertoire to inspire and choose from for their next visit.


Nomad Barber

nomad barbershop website

Nomad Barber website embraces a minimalist and simple aesthetic, creating a clean and visually appealing online presence.

The stunning photographs prominently featured on the site are designed to resonate with visitors, evoking a desire to book an appointment immediately. The bold logo adds a distinctive touch, contributing to the brand’s identity and recognition.

The clean web design not only enhances the overall user experience but also allows the striking visuals to take center stage.


Ollie’s Barbershop

ollie's barbershop website

Ollie’s Barbershop makes a bold visual statement by emphasizing its red, black, and white logo against a blue-toned large image background.

The use of white, enormous typography adds a striking contrast, contributing to a visually dynamic and attention-grabbing design. This barbershop website uniquely incorporates Instagram posts, presenting them as a photo collage that adds a personal touch and showcases the brand’s social media presence.

The inclusion of great taglines adds character and communicates the brand’s identity effectively. The strategic use of white spaces throughout the website contributes to a clean and organized layout, enhancing readability and creating a visually appealing online environment.


Original Barbershop

original barbershop website

Original Barbershop website adopts a clean and elegant design, featuring a predominantly white backdrop with large photos adorned with gold accents throughout.

The website seamlessly integrates its social media feed, providing visitors with real-time updates and a dynamic connection to the brand. Notably, the site includes a convenient form for online reservations, enhancing the user experience and simplifying the booking process.

A standout feature is the ‘Our Story’ section, which allows users to delve into the background and ethos of Original Barber Shop. The incorporation of a nice background image adds visual appeal, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

The website’s clear call-to-action button above the fold ensures that visitors can easily take desired actions, creating a user-friendly and visually pleasing online destination.


Otis & Finn Barbershop

otis and finn barbershop website

Otis & Finn Barbershop stands out as an inspiring website for those seeking a product-focused online experience.

This barber website boasts impressive galleries filled with vibrant photos showcasing their diverse range of products. The top menu offers various options, inviting visitors to learn more about the skilled barbers and explore their shop. For those looking to book appointments, detailed information for the numerous shop locations is readily available.

Adding a social touch, a gallery-style Instagram feed at the bottom of the webpage encourages potential customers to follow and visit. The website goes beyond the transactional, offering informative blog posts for users to read or save for later, providing a well-rounded and engaging online destination.


Pall Mall Barbers

pall mall barbershop website

Pall Mall Barbers, in business since 1896, has solidified its legacy in London, with plans to chop an impressive 70,000 hairs in 2021 alone!

Its website captures the essence of this well-known salon with a stunning photograph and elegant font, exuding a sense of timeless perfection. The slick menu design enhances user navigation, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

A nice call-to-action button strategically placed on the website adds functionality, guiding visitors toward desired actions.



porters barbers website

Porters Gentlemen’s Grooming shop offers a distinctive concept, presenting itself as not just a grooming destination but also a unique venue for gatherings, photos, and coffee service.

The website mirrors this uniqueness with an interactive design, employing similar-sized graphics and large, easy-to-read typography. The unique logo serves as an attention-grabbing element, enticing visitors to stay longer and explore the website.

This interactive and visually appealing design not only communicates the diverse offerings of Porters Gentlemen’s Grooming but also enhances the overall user experience, making the website a destination in itself for visitors seeking more than just grooming services.


Rocket Barbershop

rocket barbershop website

Rocket Barber Shop’s website stands out with its simplicity and tidiness. The scheduling of appointments is presented in black and white photographs, accompanied by a prominent “Book” call-to-action, ensuring a straightforward and user-friendly booking process.

This barber website’s header creatively features a giant image of “Rocket Barber Shop”-shaped French fries on a dish with ketchup, serving as an eye-catching introduction to the menu of services presented in a clear and concise format.

The website employs nice typography, contributing to an overall visually appealing and well-designed interface. Additionally, the pricing overview is presented in a user-friendly manner, providing transparency for visitors interested in Rocket Barber Shop’s services.


Rudy’s Barbershop

rudy's barbershop website

Rudy’s Barbershop makes a bold statement from the start, opening with a large auto-playing video background in the header.

The interactive feature allows visitors to enter their zip code, swiftly finding the nearest Rudy’s Barbershop location. This barbershop website seamlessly integrates quality e-commerce functionality, leveraging the power of Shopify.

The product page, characterized by its spacious layout, offers a user-friendly shopping experience with easily accessible add-to-cart options. Rudy’s Barbershop has successfully blended dynamic visual elements with robust e-commerce features to create a captivating and convenient online platform.


Scissors Scotch

scissors scotch barbershop website

Scissors Scotch stands out as a stellar source of inspiration for those seeking to craft an impressive website. Recognizing the power of videos in swiftly conveying messages and driving traffic, this website seamlessly incorporates a captivating video background featuring a compelling CTA and brand name.

Going beyond the ordinary, it engages visitors further by integrating videos to kindle their interest and create a dynamic user experience.

Understanding the influence of customer testimonials as a potent tool for conversion, Scissors Scotch wisely harnesses this resource, ensuring that no opportunity for building trust and credibility goes unnoticed.


Shed Barber

shed barber website

Shed Barber sets a remarkable standard in website design, incorporating elements that significantly enhance its online presence.

The hero header adopts a simple split-screen layout, featuring a compelling image alongside a prominent brand name. The sliding screens, responding to user clicks, introduce a dynamic animation that leaves a lasting impression on potential customers.

The brand’s introduction and services are presented with clarity and simplicity, effectively communicating the website’s contents. Beyond the traditional barbershop experience, Shed Barber goes a step further by enabling online shopping for customer convenience.

Notably, the hover effect applied to images adds an extra layer of visual intrigue, creating a striking and enticing user experience.


Steven Tabach Men’s Grooming

steven tabach grooming barbershop

Steven Tabach crafts a delightful design experience for online visitors. The website’s home page, adorned with a dark background, showcases high-quality images that artfully highlight the available haircuts and styles.

The header adopts a minimalistic menu, providing users with easy access to services, information about the barbershop, and a glimpse into their gallery.

Memorable illustrations and design elements are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the site, encapsulating the distinctive essence of the brand.



suds hairdressing website

Suds barber ebsite takes an unconventional approach to its menu, presenting it on the screen as a long line of huge white text set against a background of black and white photos. This unique design choice adds a distinctive and artistic touch to the website’s navigation.

Visitors can delve into a page with a similar black-and-white theme and simple design by clicking the provided link, creating a cohesive and visually cohesive online experience.


Swagger & Jack’s

swaggers and jacks barbershop website

Swagger & Jacks sets itself apart with a website built on the world’s leading e-commerce platform, Shopify. The primary focus is on delivering a seamless and efficient e-commerce functionality.

The detailed menu bar, complete with drop-down options, ensures easy navigation, enabling users to shop for specific products effortlessly. Throughout this barbershop website, attention is drawn to action buttons, prominently presented in an eye-catching blue color, enhancing the overall user experience.

The shopping cart, strategically located in the top right corner of the page, provides customers with easy access to shop for products, check out, and manage their items with convenience.


The Beardsmith

the beardsmith barbershop website

The Beardsmith stands as a stellar example of a barbershop website designed to seamlessly convert viewers into customers.

Laden with strategically placed action buttons, from engaging video commercials to convenient online booking, the site is geared towards a user-friendly experience. Prospective clients are welcomed with unique reviews about the business’s products and services right on the home page.

The services section introduces an interactive hover-over effect, resembling a card flip, revealing detailed information and a prominent “book now” button.

The menu bar provides easy access to impressive photo galleries, the online shop, blog, and contact information, ensuring visitors can effortlessly explore the full spectrum of what The Beardsmith has to offer.


Truefitt & Hill

truefitt and hil website

Truefitt & Hill welcomes visitors with a touch of classic barbershop charm, featuring a large pop-up that invites users to sign up for an email list, adorned with illustrations that exude a timeless feel. The playful illustrations continue to weave a personal touch throughout the site, complementing its sleek design.

On the home page, potential customers can seamlessly browse and shop for products by category, effortlessly adding them to the cart. Navigating the site is made easy with the top menu, while the footer offers additional navigation options along with social media icons for a comprehensive online experience.

For those seeking contact information, business hours, or wishing to reach out, this barbershop dedicates a separate contact page, ensuring all pertinent details are readily available along with a detailed contact form.


Tucson Barber

tucson barber shop website

Tucson Barber extends a warm welcome to visitors with a captivating full-width image, enhanced by a seamless parallax effect for a visually immersive experience.

Elevating its brand introduction, the incorporation of smooth animations adds an extra layer of visual appeal. The team section exudes grandeur, featuring cool hover effects that contribute to an engaging and dynamic user interface.

Additionally, the perpetual display of haircut images through a slider ensures a diverse showcase of standout styles, providing visitors with a comprehensive glimpse into the expertise and artistry offered by this barber website.


Tweed Barbers

tweed barbers website

Tweed Barbers stands out with intriguing features among barbershop websites. It prioritizes consistency in colors, animations upon scrolling, logos, and other elements.

The grayscale background images exude elegance, contributing to an overall sophisticated design. The homepage of Tweed Barbers is minimalist yet effectively communicates the brand’s offerings.

Following the grayscale image in the hero section, the header features crucial menus linking to other pages such as appointments, gift cards, and the barbers. Additionally, the website incorporates a stylish hover effect on certain elements.




For barbershop owners, a visually appealing and customer-attracting website is crucial. Opt for a hair salon and barbershop WordPress theme to effortlessly create a professional online presence.

The showcased examples in this article emphasize the impact of a well-designed barbershop website in attracting and retaining customers.

Let these examples inspire you to elevate your website, ensuring it stands out and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients.

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