Why Divi Cloud Is a Must-Have in Every WordPress Website Designer’s Arsenal for Productivity and Efficiency

divi cloud

Divi Cloud is a pivotal resource for WordPress website designers seeking to optimize their workflows and streamline project management.

This innovative service from Elegant Themes enhances the popular Divi Builder, allowing users to access, share, and manage custom layouts and assets across various projects from a centralized cloud service.

This blog post will explore the essential features of Divi Cloud, highlighting how it significantly reduces design time and boosts efficiency. I’ll discuss its future enhancements, and provide insights into its pricing structure.

By the end, you’ll understand why Divi Cloud is a must-have tool for WordPress website designers looking to maximize productivity and create stunning, efficient websites.


What is Divi Cloud?

Divi Cloud, introduced by Elegant Themes in April 2022, revolutionizes how Divi users manage their web design resources, it functions similarly to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox.

This powerful tool allows for the storage, organization, and accessibility of all Divi layouts, sections, rows, modules, and other content elements online.

Before the advent of Divi Cloud, Divi users faced the cumbersome task of manually exporting and importing their layouts and elements through the Divi library—a process that was not only time-consuming but also inefficient.

With Divi Cloud, this hassle is eliminated, users can now save all their Divi layouts in the cloud, ensuring that they can access and utilize these resources on any project while logged in. This capability dramatically enhances workflow efficiency, allowing users to deploy pre-built templates, optimized images, and essential tools across multiple websites instantly.

Divi Cloud acts as a centralized hub for all your Divi design elements, streamlining project management and boosting productivity for web developers and designers alike.

Core Features of Divi Cloud

Divi Cloud offers a myriad of powerful features designed to enhance the efficiency and creativity of WordPress website designers using the Divi Builder.

Here’s a detailed look at its core functionalities:

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: Divi Cloud provides unlimited storage, allowing users to save as many design elements as needed without worrying about running out of space. This feature is particularly beneficial for designers who handle multiple projects and require an extensive library of resources.
  • Safe & Secure: Security is a top priority with Divi Cloud. It requires authentication using your Elegant Themes username and password. This allows users to access their library from any website without needing to share login credentials with clients or other parties, ensuring secure management of design assets.
  • Visual Browsing: Divi Cloud enhances user experience by taking automatic screenshots of your layouts and storing them. This visual approach lets users browse through their Divi layouts quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent searching for specific elements.
  • Code Snippets Storage: For developers and advanced users, Divi Cloud offers a feature to store and manage custom code snippets. These snippets can be easily accessed and applied when starting new projects or making custom adjustments to existing ones.
  • Universal Access: Whether you are working on your website or managing a client’s website, you can access your Divi Cloud account from any website where you are logged in. This universal access eliminates the need to duplicate work, providing a seamless design experience across different platforms.
  • Enhanced Management Tools: Divi Cloud allows users to categorize and tag their items, which aids in further organizing the content. Enhanced search, filter, sort, and favorite options enable designers to find the exact layout or module quickly, tailoring the builder’s interface to meet specific project needs.
divi cloud features

These core features of Divi Cloud collectively provide a robust platform that significantly enhances the speed, security, and convenience of building and managing WordPress websites with the Divi Builder.

Benefits of Divi Cloud

Divi Cloud offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance the workflow, productivity, and overall performance of WordPress website designers.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Divi Cloud saves a tremendous amount of time for designers by providing instant access to all stored assets across multiple projects. The ability to quickly import layouts, sections, and modules that have been pre-designed and optimized eliminates repetitive work, allowing designers to focus on customization and creativity. This streamlined process leads to faster project completion and more efficient management of multiple client projects.
  • Improved Workflow Organization: With Divi Cloud, everything is centralized and organized. You can store all your Divi layouts, sections, rows, modules, and code snippets in one place and access them from any website. The ability to tag and categorize items further enhances this organization, making it easier to maintain a structured library of resources that can be efficiently managed and reused in various projects.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Since Divi Cloud is a cloud-based service, it facilitates teamwork and collaboration. Design teams can share access to the cloud where all the assets are stored. This means that every team member can work on the latest versions of design elements, maintaining consistency across different parts of a project and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This is particularly useful for agencies with remote teams, as it allows designers to contribute from anywhere, anytime.
  • Increased Security and Privacy: Divi Cloud leverages robust authentication protocols, requiring users to sign in with their Elegant Themes username and password. This feature ensures that all saved data is secure and private, accessible only to authorized users. This setup is ideal for designers who work with sensitive information or who need to keep client projects confidential, as it eliminates the need to share direct access to the website’s backend.
  • Scalability for Business Growth: Divi Cloud’s unlimited storage and efficient management tools enable businesses to scale their operations smoothly. As the number of projects or the complexity of designs increases, Divi Cloud accommodates this growth without necessitating a change in infrastructure or tools. This scalability ensures that businesses can expand their clientele and project sizes while maintaining the same level of efficiency and quality.
  • Future-Proofing Projects: As Divi Cloud is part of the broader Elegant Themes ecosystem, users benefit from continuous updates and improvements. This commitment to enhancing the platform ensures that designers are always equipped with the latest tools and features. Moreover, staying updated with modern web technologies and practices allows users to keep their projects current and competitive.
divi cloud overview

Divi Cloud offers an array of benefits that streamline the web design process, enhance collaboration, increase operational security, and deliver substantial productivity gains. These advantages make Divi Cloud an invaluable asset for any WordPress website designer aspiring to optimize their workflow and produce superior website designs with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Divi Cloud Roadmap

Divi Cloud is continuously evolving to meet the needs of its users, the roadmap hinted at by Elegant Themes includes several upcoming features aimed at expanding the versatility and functionality of Divi Cloud.

Each of these planned enhancements is designed to streamline the web design process even further and provide a more integrated and powerful toolset for Divi users.

  • Divi Cloud Libraries: The introduction of Divi Cloud Library stands to greatly enhance asset organization. Users will be able to categorize and store all their cloud assets into dedicated libraries, making it easier to manage vast amounts of resources and streamline the design process by quickly locating the needed assets.
  • Theme Customizer Settings: With the Theme Customizer Cloud feature on the horizon, users will gain the ability to save and store their Theme Customizer configurations directly to the cloud. This will allow for easy replication of site aesthetics and functionalities across multiple websites, ensuring brand consistency and reducing time spent on individual customizations.
  • Divi Builder Presets: The Presets Cloud will allow users to save specific design presets, including configurations and styles within the Divi Builder, directly to the cloud. This will facilitate the rapid deployment of preferred design styles across multiple pages and projects, thereby speeding up the development process and reinforcing design coherence.
  • Divi Theme Options: Through the Theme Options Cloud, users will be able to export their customized theme settings to Divi Cloud. This feature will make migration and application of consistent theme settings across different projects seamless and hassle-free, enhancing productivity and maintaining stylistic uniformity across websites.
  • Divi Builder Settings: The introduction of Builder Settings Cloud will allow users to export their Divi Builder configurations and swiftly import them into other projects. This feature will significantly ease the process of switching between different project environments, maintaining workflow continuity and efficiency.
  • Third-Party Integrations: The planned Integrations Cloud will open up possibilities for users to save configurations and content created from third-party plugins in Divi Cloud. This will consolidate all digital assets, including those from external sources like contact forms and events, into a centralized cloud repository, simplifying asset management and accessibility.
  • Full Websites Export: One of the most ambitious features in the roadmap is the capability to export entire websites to the cloud. This development will transform the way websites are built, making it possible to clone and deploy full websites quickly, which is ideal for rapid scaling and deployment.
  • Child Themes and Plugins: Future updates could see Divi Cloud serving as a central storage hub for Divi Child Themes and Plugins. This would greatly benefit developers by allowing them to store and manage all related themes and plugins in one place, improving organization and accessibility.
  • Colors and Fonts: To further enhance design consistency and efficiency, Divi Cloud will enable users to save custom fonts and color palettes to the cloud. This means no more hunting for the right font files or remembering hex codes; everything will be readily accessible, saving time and ensuring visual consistency across projects.
divi cloud roadmap

These planned features in the Divi Cloud roadmap demonstrate a commitment to making the platform a storage solution, and a comprehensive tool that addresses the various needs of website designers and developers.

Divi Cloud Pricing

Divi Cloud offers flexible pricing models tailored to both new and existing users of Divi.

If you’re new to the Divi ecosystem, the initial step to access Divi Cloud is through a subscription to Divi itself. The cost is $185 per year. This comprehensive package not only grants access to Divi Cloud but also includes all Divi features.

It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to build websites using Divi’s advanced page builder while managing design assets efficiently through a reliable cloud storage system.

This annual subscription provides a complete solution that empowers you with all the tools necessary to create, customize, and manage your web projects effectively.

For current Divi customers, adding Divi Cloud to enhance their existing setup is straightforward and cost-effective. The Divi Cloud service is available at a monthly fee of $6.

This option is perfect for those who are already familiar with Divi and wish to expand their capabilities by leveraging unlimited cloud storage.

Divi Cloud’s integration with Divi’s suite of tools makes it a smart investment for any web designer or developer looking to streamline their workflows and ensure efficient management of digital assets across numerous projects.

divi cloud pricing


Final Thoughts

Divi Cloud is more than just a storage solution; it’s a comprehensive platform that significantly boosts efficiency and unifies the design process for WordPress site creators. Its advantages, from improving collaboration to ensuring design consistency, make it an essential asset for both independent designers and agencies.

With reasonable pricing and an exciting pathway of upcoming features, Divi Cloud promises to continuously evolve, staying relevant and indispensable to the Divi community.

For anyone serious about maximizing their workflow and elevating the quality of their web projects, Divi Cloud offers the tools and support to make it happen seamlessly.

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