25 Best Free & Premium Directory WordPress Themes for Crafting Stunning Listing Websites

onelisting directory wordpress theme

Explore the top directory WordPress themes tailored for real estate, job boards, car dealerships, businesses, services, and other listing websites.

Constructing your own directory website presents a fantastic opportunity to enhance website traffic, build brand awareness, and efficiently connect people with the best services, products, and businesses.

This post aims to guide you through the best listing and directory WordPress themes, streamlining the process of creating your desired business listing website with minimal effort.

Simplified selection of Best Directory WordPress Themes


Directory WordPress Themes

Active Installs

Theme Developer



ListingPro – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme29000+CridioStudio$6997.4%
MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme18000+27collective$6996.4%
Listify – Directory & Business Listing WordPress Theme19000+Astoundify$6987.8%
Motors – Car Dealer, Rental & Listing WordPress theme20000+StylemixThemes$7993.8%
Careerfy – Job Board WordPress Theme5000+Eyecix$8996.6%

Key Features to Look for in Directory WordPress Themes

While individual requirements may differ, it is crucial for your directory theme to incorporate specific fundamental elements. To guarantee optimal functionality and a smooth user experience, it is essential to carefully consider a variety of key features.

The following is a detailed exploration of the critical elements to look for in listing and directory WordPress themes:

  • Advanced Search and Filtering Options: A robust listing WordPress theme should offer advanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing users to find information quickly and efficiently. Features like customizable filters, keyword search, and location-based searches enhance the user experience.
  • Map Integration: Maps play a vital role in directory websites. Look for directory WordPress themes with integrated mapping features, allowing users to visualize the location of listings. Features such as Google Maps integration and interactive maps can enhance the overall user experience.
  • Monetization Options: If your goal is to generate revenue from your directory, choose a listing theme with built-in monetization options. This may include paid listings, featured listings, or ad placements. Ensure the theme supports various payment gateways for smooth transactions.
  • Review and Rating System: A review and rating system adds credibility to your directory. Look for themes that provide users with the ability to leave reviews and ratings for listed items or services. Customizable review criteria and moderation features help maintain the quality of the content.
  • Membership and User Management: Consider themes that offer membership and user management features, allowing you to control access levels and permissions for different user roles. Membership options can also be a way to monetize your directory by offering premium features to subscribed users.
  • SEO-Friendly Structure: Optimize your directory for search engines by selecting a theme with a clean and SEO-friendly structure.
  • Regular Updates and Support: Choose a WordPress directory theme from a reputable developer who provides regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and security patches. Access to a reliable support system is crucial for resolving any issues that may arise during theme setup or usage.

Carefully taking into account these key features will help you to select a directory WordPress theme that not only meets your current needs but also provides room for growth and customization in the future.

Best Premium Directory WordPress Themes



listingpro directory wordpress theme

ListingPro stands out as the premier listing theme on this list, offering an end-to-end WordPress directory and listing solution without the need for additional paid plugins. This all-in-one turn-key solution empowers users to build and monetize online directories seamlessly.

ListingPro’s versatility allows users to create a range of directory websites, including Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms Directory, Weddings Vendors Directory, PetFinder Directory, Black-Owned Businesses Directory, YellowPages Businesses Directory, Automotive Businesses Directory, and more. This broad applicability makes it a comprehensive solution for various listing needs.

Suitable for developers, freelancers, and web agencies, this amazing directory WordPress theme caters to a diverse user base. Its features, coupled with a user-friendly interface, make it an excellent choice for those seeking an all-encompassing solution for directory and listing websites.



Directory wordpress themes: mylisting

MyListing stands out as a powerful WordPress theme designed for creating directories, listings, and event websites. Its versatility is showcased by the ability to customize the look, functionality, and features for different types of directories, whether they focus on businesses, events, or other categories. The advanced listing type creator empowers users to tailor their directories to specific needs.

One of the standout features of MyListing is its use of the Elementor front-end page builder. With over 50 drag-and-drop elements, the pages are easily created and customized, offering a user-friendly experience for site owners.

This directory WordPress theme includes four premade templates, offering variations in columns and pagination styles such as Paged, Load More, and Infinite Scroll. This flexibility caters to diverse design preferences and user experiences.

While MyListing can be translated into any language, it is important to note that it is not currently multi-language or WPML compatible.



wilcity listing themes

Wilcity stands out as an exceptional directory listing WordPress theme, offering a range of features that enhance the user experience and provide advanced functionality for directory websites.

One notable feature of this directory theme is the availability of product search directly on the search interface. This functionality allows users to search for specific products seamlessly, enhancing the overall search experience.

The theme incorporates event search form filters, adding versatility for users searching for specific events.

Wilcity introduces listing tabs, providing an organized and structured way to display listings. Users can establish a relationship between listing categories and locations, adding more filter options to the listings tabs panel.

The theme also includes a reviews listing feature, allowing users to provide feedback and ratings for listed items or services.



motors listing theme

Motors directory theme for WordPress stands out with its elegant designs, lightning-fast loading directories, and a codebase that meets future standards, exceeding user expectations.

This theme specifically tailored for businesses in the automotive industry, is the perfect choice for Car Dealers, Auto Dealers, Electric Car Dealerships, Boat Dealers, Motorcycle Dealerships, Rent-a-Car services, and other automotive-related businesses involved in selling, buying, loaning, or leasing vehicles and boats through their websites.

Motors takes user experience to the next level by incorporating multiple filters and vehicle comparison tools. This feature-rich design aims to simplify the search process for users, enabling them to easily navigate listings and find precisely what they are looking for.

The theme’s SEO practices are top-notch, ensuring that your site is optimized for search engines.



listify directory wordpress theme

Listify is a comprehensive WordPress directory theme that provides seamless integrations with leading booking services, enabling users to swiftly establish a reservation system. The theme currently supports OpenTable, Resurva, and WooCommerce Bookings, offering versatility in catering to various booking needs.

Listify’s potential is limitless, allowing users to effortlessly build diverse websites such as a gift certificate platform, a restaurant guide, a membership or association site, and more.

The theme’s flexibility extends to its coding, supporting and styling integrations with popular plugins. This ensures that users can add additional functionality as desired while maintaining an appealing and cohesive visual design.



point finder  directory wordpress theme

Point Finder Directory Theme is meticulously designed to enable users to effortlessly create customized listing and directory websites.

The theme provides a flexible and user-friendly system with customizable fields and a search system, allowing users to tailor their directory websites to their unique requirements. Point Finder stands out with its exceptional control over Google Map and superior features, offering users a wide range of possibilities limited only by their imagination.

Setting up the theme is a quick process, taking just minutes to configure. Users can choose from various demo websites and replicate them effortlessly to match their vision. Point Finder also includes a child theme, providing the flexibility to make programming changes with ease and ensuring that any modifications made to the theme can be saved for future use.

One notable feature of this listing WordPress theme is its support for WPML, allowing users to utilize multiple language options for their websites.



brikk directory wordpress theme

Brikk is a versatile listing and directory theme designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses, including booking services, restaurants, places, events, job listings, classified ads, reservations, rentals, hourly bookings, experiences, and more.

The theme is built on a modular framework, offering a flexible drag-and-drop user interface (UI) that allows users to adapt various elements, such as listing fields, custom taxonomies, page layouts, search forms, review criteria, submission forms, action types, and more.

One notable feature is the integration with communication platforms like Zoom through webhooks, enhancing the theme’s capabilities for virtual interactions and meetings. Additionally, all payments within the theme are seamlessly handled by WooCommerce, providing a reliable and familiar payment processing system for users.



townhub directory wordpress theme

TownHub is a versatile listing directory WordPress Theme suitable for various types of listings. Whether you are creating a business directory, service directory, or any other type of listing, TownHub provides a flexible platform to meet your needs.

The theme fully supports WPML, enabling site owners to create a multilingual website and cater to a diverse audience. This is particularly beneficial for reaching users across different regions and languages.

TownHub integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing site owners to sell author membership packages and enable booking functionality. For shop-type listings, users can purchase products as usual, and each listing has the capability to feature its own set of products.

Google Maps integration is a key feature, enhancing the user experience by providing interactive maps for easy navigation and location identification. Additionally, TownHub is optimized for SEO, ensuring that your website is well-positioned on search engine results pages.


Service Finder

service finder directory wordpress theme

Service Finder WordPress Theme stands out as an advanced business and service directory theme, offering powerful features for both businesses and service providers across various categories.

The theme provides a platform for businesses and service providers to register, create profiles, and showcase their services. Customers, in turn, can explore these profiles, book services, and provide feedback on completed bookings.

This directory WordPress theme introduces a streamlined process for job creation and hiring. Customers can create and publish job listings with their specific requirements. Providers can search for available jobs, apply for positions, and be hired by customers.

One notable aspect of Service Finder is its self-sufficiency – no paid plugins are required to access its full range of features.


DWT Listing

dwt listing theme

DWT Listing Theme offers unparalleled flexibility for creating diverse directory or listing websites. With the ability to design pages directly on the front end, users can witness their changes instantly. The theme eliminates the need for paid plugins as all essential features are included within.

Key features of DWT Listing WordPress Theme include an inbuilt reservation system, event ticket selling, booking system, and a commission system. These integrated functionalities provide a comprehensive solution for various listing website needs. The theme seamlessly incorporates Google Maps, enhancing location-based services and information.

DWT Listing Theme is distinguished by its clean and well-structured code, ensuring a smooth and efficient website performance. This focus on code quality contributes to a positive user experience, making the theme a reliable choice for users seeking to create dynamic and feature-rich directory or listing websites.



citybook directory wordpress theme

CityBook is a listing directory theme equipped with a drag-and-drop listing types builder, offering a seamless solution for creating, managing, and monetizing local or global directory sites.

This directory WordPress theme’s flexibility is evident in its unique listing categories, each with distinct features and additional functionalities for listing pages. The layout of listing content and sidebar widgets can be customized to suit specific preferences.

With support for a membership function, the theme enables site owners and administrators to create packages for selling and uploading services to the site for listing authors. This feature facilitates a streamlined process for monetization and enhances the overall user experience.

CityBook is designed with SEO optimization in mind, ensuring that the directory site is well-positioned for search engine visibility.



golo directory wordpress theme

Golo stands out as a robust Directory & Listing and Travel WordPress theme featuring a modern UI/UX design and intelligent functions, making it an ideal choice for creating impressive local or global directory sites.

The theme offers diverse demos catering to different needs, including Local Business Listing, City Travel Guide, Restaurant Listing, House Rental Listing, Workspace Listing, and Health Medical & Doctors Listing.

Golo provides users with over 200 flexible options in Theme Options, empowering them to control every section of the theme without the need to write a single line of code. This level of customization ensures that the theme can be tailored to specific preferences and requirements, resulting in a professional and polished website.

An additional advantage of Golo is its commitment to user satisfaction, offering lifetime free updates.



listeo directory wordpress theme

Listeo stands as an all-in-one WordPress directory theme, offering a comprehensive set of features including a front-end user dashboard, built-in booking system, multi-vendor marketplace, private messaging, and more. The theme is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for both administrators and users.

Key features of Listeo include a front-end dashboard that allows users to easily manage listings, bookings, packages, profile details, and private messages. This intuitive interface enhances user interaction and control over various aspects of the directory site.

Listeo is versatile in its support for various map providers, offering alternatives like OpenStreetMap, MapBox, Bing Maps, Thunderforest, or HERE maps. This flexibility addresses concerns about Google Maps API pricing, allowing users to choose the mapping solution that best fits their needs.

Additionally, Listeo includes a synchronization tool that facilitates the seamless management of bookings and availability across different platforms.



listingo directory wordpress theme

Listingo – Service Providers – Business Directory WordPress Theme is an exceptional directory theme tailored for service providers, boasting a clean and contemporary design coupled with impressive features.

Its versatile design makes it suitable for a range of purposes, serving as a service provider directory, professional directory, engineer directory, lawyer directory, handyman directory, business services directory, veterinary directory, and more. Listingo is equipped with the essential features needed for a directory website and beyond.

As a user-based directory theme, the theme offers excellent features and a well-thought-out design, ensuring a seamless experience for both administrators and users. The inner pages are meticulously crafted to provide all the necessary information required by any directory business.

Whether it’s a business and service finder directory, professional listing, or any other directory for various professionals, Listingo’s features are adaptable to diverse needs.

Backed by excellent customer support, this directory WordPress theme is well-documented, offering users the confidence to navigate and utilize its features effectively.



careerfy directory wordpress theme

Careerfy is an advanced job board WordPress theme designed for displaying jobs on various websites.

This highly customizable theme allows for the creation of a fully responsive job portal and recruitment website. With extensive customization options, administrators can tailor the design and functionality to align seamlessly with their needs.

The theme boasts a comprehensive admin interface, offering administrators control over various aspects of the job board. It ensures a fully responsive design, providing an optimal viewing experience across diverse devices. Powerful sorting options for job listings and resumes enhance the user experience, enabling quick and efficient access to relevant information.

This theme offers flexibility in showcasing job listings and resumes through multiple presentation options. Its versatile features make it a practical choice for those seeking to establish a dynamic and engaging job portal or recruitment website.


Top Free Directory WordPress Themes



carlistings directory wordpress theme

CarListing is a specialized and free WordPress directory theme designed for automotive listings, based on the Auto Listings plugin. Tailored for car sellers and dealer websites, it comes equipped with essential car-specific attributes, location search features, and filters to enhance the user experience.

The theme boasts a user-friendly design and a powerful search engine that simplifies the process for customers to filter through your car inventory and locate the specific types of cars they are interested in. With the integration of the Auto Listings plugin, all the necessary features for creating and managing a dealership website are readily available.

CarListing is further enhanced by its integration with the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack provides a comprehensive suite of tools, consolidating security, performance optimization, and site growth functionalities into a single, streamlined solution.


Construction Realestate

construction realestate directory wordpress theme

Construction Realestate is a minimal and niche-specific free directory WordPress theme tailored for creating real estate directory websites.

This theme is specifically crafted for realtors, agencies, and platforms focused on real estate listings. Built on the Bootstrap framework and designed to be WooCommerce-ready, it facilitates the addition of e-commerce functionality to the site seamlessly.

It’s essential to note that while Construction Realestate provides a clean and minimalistic design suitable for real estate purposes, it may lack certain crucial features typically associated with comprehensive real estate directory websites.


Directory Starter

directory starter listing theme

Directory Starter is a straightforward and free WordPress directory theme designed for those seeking to create a basic directory website. The theme is equipped with numerous widgets, blocks, and shortcodes, providing users with essential tools for building their directory sites.

For users who prefer working with page builders, Directory Starter is compatible with well-known tools such as Elementor and Divi.

Powered by the GeoDirectory plugin, Directory Starter serves as a skeleton theme designed for building child themes for custom projects. Despite its simplicity, Directory Starter is user-friendly and can be set up without requiring extensive WordPress knowledge.



listinghive directory wordpress theme

ListingHive is a versatile and free WordPress directory theme designed for building a wide range of directory and listing websites. What sets ListingHive apart is its high level of customization, allowing users to tailor their websites to specific needs.

The theme is highly flexible as it doesn’t have hard-coded fields, enabling users to create their own listing and vendor profile fields. This level of customization extends to search filters, styling options, and more, ensuring that users can personalize their directory websites according to their preferences.

ListingHive is fully integrated with Gutenberg, the native WordPress block editor. This integration enhances the website customization experience by allowing users to leverage the power of blocks for designing and organizing content.

For e-commerce functionality, ListingHive is integrated with WooCommerce.



onelisting directory wordpress theme

OneListing is a free multi-directory WordPress theme designed to facilitate the creation and monetization of directory sites, whether they are focused locally or globally.

The theme leverages the powerful Elementor tool for flexible page building, empowering users to craft extraordinary directory or listing websites.

OneListing offers extensive customization options, allowing users to add thousands of listings and create a revenue-generating directory site. With a mobile-responsive design, this theme ensures compatibility across various devices, enhancing the user experience for both site owners and visitors.


Radius Directory

radius directory wordpress theme

Radius Directory stands out as a solid choice for a directory website across various business niches due to its user-friendly design and multipurpose capabilities. The theme is suitable for businesses such as homes, hotels, and other local establishments.

The strength of Radius Directory lies in its integration with the Classified Listing plugin by the RadiusTheme team. This integration provides the theme with a range of features, including front-end listing submission, social profiles, and maps.

One notable aspect of this free directory theme is its high level of customization. Users have full control over various elements, including listing fields, search filters, widgets, colors, and more. This flexibility allows users to tailor their websites to meet specific requirements.

Radius Directory is fully integrated with popular page builders, including Gutenberg and Elementor.


Robolist Lite

robolist lite directory wordpress theme

Robolist Lite is a straightforward and free directory theme for WordPress designed with basic features for the launch of a directory website. It is particularly well-suited for listing local businesses across various niches such as events, restaurants, jobs, and more.

Notably, Robolist Lite is compatible with the popular Elementor page builder plugin. This compatibility allows users to customize the theme layouts according to their preferences using the powerful and user-friendly Elementor tool.

The theme is integrated with WP Job Manager (WPJM), providing additional functionality for those looking to create a job portal with WordPress. However, it’s important to note that WPJM might be considered outdated, and users may explore alternative options for creating a job portal with more modern features.


VW Real Estate

vw real estate listing theme

VW Real Estate is a responsive and free directory WordPress theme created for real estate agencies or construction businesses.

The theme’s design is built on the Bootstrap framework, presenting an eye-catching layout.

However, it’s important to note that the free version of VW Real Estate may lack several essential features typically required for a comprehensive real estate website. Users opting for the free version should be aware of these limitations and ensure that the available features align with their specific needs before choosing to install the theme.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are Listing and Directory WordPress Themes?

Listing and directory WordPress themes are specialized templates designed to create websites that feature categorized listings of businesses, services, products, or any other relevant content. They often come with built-in tools and functionalities for managing and displaying directory-style content.

Is WordPress a suitable choice for creating directories?

WordPress stands out as the optimal CMS for directory websites, boasting a plethora of excellent themes, plugins, and a vibrant community. Opting for WordPress ensures a reliable and versatile platform for your directory website, supported by a wealth of resources and community expertise.

Can these themes be used for specific niches like real estate or job listings?

Yes, the Listing and directory WordPress themes in this list are tailored for specific niches, including real estate, job boards, and more. Look for themes that offer specialized features and layouts catering to your niche.

Are these themes beginner-friendly, and do I need coding knowledge to use them?

Yes, these themes are user-friendly, especially for beginners, as they come with intuitive customization options through the WordPress Customizer. In addition to basic customization features, premium options provide more advanced customization capabilities.

Which directory theme stands out as the best?

Among the options listed, ListingPro emerges as the top listing WordPress directory theme. It has garnered the trust of nearly 30,000 webmasters who have utilized it to construct tens of thousands of listing websites.

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