15 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins (Free & Premiums)

wordpress gallery plugins

On the hunt for a gallery plugin for your WordPress website? Look no further; you’ve come to the right spot.

However, with a myriad of options available, navigating through the choices to find the plugin that perfectly combines features, aesthetics, and ease of use can be challenging.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a travel blogger, or a business owner, the best WordPress gallery plugins streamline the organization of your photos, audio, or videos in various formats. In this compilation, we’ve gathered the top 15 WordPress gallery plugins, including both free and premium options, to enhance the presentation of your images and elevate the overall professionalism of your website.

Before delving into the plugins, let’s explore the essential key factors to consider when choosing a WordPress gallery plugin.

Simplified selection of Best WordPress Gallery Plugins


WordPress Gallery Plugins

Standout Features


Active Installs

Access Link

Essential GridEasy-to-use drag and drop builder, 50+ impressive, customizable templates, Multiple layouts options, Fast & Responsive Designs$114.0047500+Visit Essential Grid
The GridResizable Elements, Drag & Drop interface, Fast Ajax Preview, 30+ Item Skins, 13+ loader animations, 40+ Animation Styles, Quick & Easy Setup, Unlimited Possibilities$49.0013000+Visit The Grid
Justified Image GridBuilt-in presets, Filtering, Infinite Scroll, Video Gallery Support, WPML and Translation ready, Custom Links, Multiple Lightboxes, CDN compatibility$29.0022500+Visit Justified Image Grid

How to Choose the Right WordPress Gallery Plugin?

While WordPress does provide built-in image gallery functionality, its capabilities are limited in comparison to the extensive features offered by dedicated plugins.

When it comes to selecting a WordPress gallery plugin, the sheer abundance available on platforms like CodeCanyon and WordPress.org can be overwhelming. The myriad of options makes it challenging to find guidance within the extensive lists.

To navigate this, here are some key features to consider when exploring these WordPress gallery plugins:

  • Gallery Types and Features: Start by identifying the types of galleries you need (grid, masonry, carousel, etc.) and the features required (lightbox functionality, image sorting, filtering, etc.). Consider the plugin’s ability to support multimedia content beyond images, such as videos and audio files.
  • Ease of Use: Opt for a user-friendly gallery WordPress plugin with an intuitive interface that allows you to create and manage galleries effortlessly. Look for drag-and-drop functionality, quick image uploads, and an overall seamless user experience.
  • Customization Options: Assess the level of customization the plugin offers. Choose one that allows you to tailor the gallery’s appearance to match your website’s design. Consider options for adjusting image spacing, border styles, and other stylistic elements.
  • Responsiveness and Performance: Ensure that the plugin is responsive and displays galleries optimally on various devices and screen sizes. Evaluate the impact of the plugin on website performance; it should load quickly without causing significant delays.
  • SEO Friendliness: Choose a gallery plugin for WordPress that is SEO-friendly, allowing search engines to index your images properly. Look for features like alt text support and the ability to customize image file names.
  • Social Media Integration: Consider a WordPress gallery plugin that facilitates easy sharing of gallery content on social media platforms. Look for features like social media buttons and Open Graph metadata support.
  • Support and Documentation: Ensure the plugin has reliable customer support channels, such as forums, documentation, or a support team. Check user reviews to gauge the level of support provided by the plugin developer.

This overview provides a solid starting point for exploring the extensive possibilities available when searching for a WordPress gallery plugin tailored to your business needs.

By thoroughly assessing these factors, you can confidently choose a WordPress gallery plugin that not only elevates the visual appeal of your website but also seamlessly aligns with your broader web design and content strategy.

The Best Premiums WordPress Gallery Plugins


Divi Gallery Extended

divi gallery extended plugin

Divi Gallery Extended is an invaluable WordPress plugin designed to effortlessly integrate beautiful masonry image galleries into your website without requiring any CSS expertise. This user-friendly solution operates by generating a module that seamlessly integrates with Divi’s Visual Builder.

With this WordPress gallery plugin, you gain access to two specialized masonry gallery modules, providing flexibility and options for showcasing your images. The plugin allows for easy adjustment of the number of columns in your Divi image gallery, providing a customizable layout tailored to your preferences.

For enhanced efficiency, Divi Gallery Extended offers bulk image editing capabilities, particularly useful when managing a large number of images on your website.

Gallery example:

divi gallery extended example

Divi Gallery Extended is available at an affordable price of $19 per year, making it a cost-effective solution for individuals or businesses.


Divi Masonry Gallery

divi masonry gallery plugin

Divi Masonry Gallery is a dynamic WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the Divi theme, enhancing your website’s image galleries. Elevating the standard Divi features such as the Gallery module or the Portfolio Filter, this plugin introduces captivating layouts, styles, and interactive elements for a more engaging presentation of your visual content.

With Divi Masonry Gallery, you gain access to advanced hover effects, adding a layer of interactivity to your galleries. The plugin also includes category filtering, facilitating easy organization and navigation, especially beneficial for websites with diverse portfolios.

Enjoy a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance and behavior of your masonry-style galleries to match your website’s design seamlessly.

Incorporating lightbox and fullscreen viewing options, Divi Masonry Gallery provides an immersive experience for users interacting with your images.

As a comprehensive solution, this WordPress photo gallery plugin serves as an all-in-one tool for effortlessly creating beautiful and engaging masonry-style galleries on your Divi-powered WordPress website.

Gallery example:

divi masonry gallery example

Available at an affordable price of $25 per year, Divi Masonry Gallery presents an accessible and cost-effective option for individuals or businesses aiming to enhance their Divi-based websites with visually stunning and interactive galleries.


Essential Grid

essential grid plugin

For those seeking to break away from conventional grid layouts and embrace a more flexible approach to displaying content, Essential Grid is a WordPress gallery plugin that offers unparalleled freedom.

Essential Grid is a powerful tool that enables you to construct visually stunning layouts for images, videos, audio files, blog posts, and WooCommerce products. With its versatile “skins,” you have the ability to customize every aspect of grid elements, from size and overlay effects to animations and metadata.

This plugin seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme, ensuring compatibility and eliminating conflicts with other WordPress gallery plugins.

Gallery example:

essential grid example

Essential Grid goes beyond basic functionality by incorporating features like lightboxes, multi-language support, and social media integration, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement on your website.


Portfolio Designer

Wordpress gallery plugins :portfolio designer

Portfolio Designer stands as a comprehensive solution for crafting visually stunning portfolios, galleries, or showcases within your WordPress art website, offering flexibility in layout design.

This versatile plugin provides four of the most popular layout styles—gallery, masonry, slider, and justify—allowing you to create an attractive portfolio tailored to your preferences. With over 50 predefined effects and animations, Portfolio Designer adds dynamism to your portfolio by showcasing project titles, descriptions, links, or magnification buttons upon hover actions.

Gallery example:

portfolio designer example

Notably, Portfolio Designer extends its functionality by enabling you to create new custom post types with image, audio, or video thumbnails. This feature enhances the plugin’s versatility, accommodating a wide range of multimedia content and providing a seamless integration of various creative elements into your portfolio.


Justified Image Grid

justified image gallery plugin for WordPress

Justified Image Grid distinguishes itself among WordPress gallery plugins by organizing images into a meticulously balanced horizontal photo grid.

The installation process for Justified Image Grid is straightforward, providing users with complete control over every aspect of their photo gallery without requiring coding skills. The plugin is fully compatible with various WordPress sources, including Taxonomies, Custom links, and Caption fields, ensuring seamless integration into your website. Notably, it maintains compatibility with other plugins, minimizing conflicts and streamlining the user experience.

Beyond its foundational features, Justified Image Grid allows users to apply special effects to their photos, such as desaturation, softening, or black and white, adding a layer of creativity to the visual presentation.

Gallery example:

Justified image grid example

The plugin also offers an array of beautiful lightbox options, enabling users to define how their photos display after a thumbnail click, enhancing the overall user experience.


FAT Image Gallery 

fat gallery plufin for WordPress

The impressive FAT Image Gallery plugin for WordPress stands out with its versatile features and customization options, offering five main gallery styles: Masonry, Justified, Album, Carousel, and Grid.

Customization is made easy with FAT Gallery, allowing users to personalize their galleries by adjusting colors, font sizes, spacings, and more, all through a powerful plugin settings panel.

One notable feature is its support for YouTube and Vimeo videos, allowing users to integrate multimedia seamlessly into their galleries. The plugin also offers the flexibility to mix between images and videos, creating dynamic and engaging content presentations.

Gallery example:

fat gallery example

This gallery WordPress plugin simplifies organization by enabling users to filter galleries with gallery categories. This categorization feature adds a layer of organization, making it easier for visitors to navigate through specific content areas.

Additionally, the plugin is well-documented, providing users with comprehensive guidance and instructions.


The Grid

the grid wordpress gallery plugin

The Grid plugin stands out as a powerful and versatile tool for WordPress, offering a 100% responsive touch slider that allows users to showcase custom post types in a fully customizable and responsive grid system.

Well-suited for various purposes, including blogs, portfolios, and e-commerce, this gallery WordPress plugin supports a range of post formats, including standard, video, audio, gallery, link, and quote.

One of its notable features is its extensive customizability, enabling users to tailor the display of content according to their preferences. The plugin’s admin panel provides powerful controls, allowing users to manage and customize their grids with ease.

Gallery example:

the grid example

The Grid plugin goes beyond basic functionality with the inclusion of 30+ Item Skins, providing a variety of styles for presenting content. Additionally, users can benefit from 13+ preloader animations, adding a dynamic element to the loading process, and 40+ animation styles, further enhancing the visual appeal of the grid system.


Top Free WordPress Gallery Plugins


Envira Gallery Lite

envira gallery plugin for WordPress

Envira Gallery Lite stands out as a user-friendly and efficient WordPress photo gallery plugin, boasting a drag-and-drop functionality for easy and quick usage. With its emphasis on being both easy to use and powerful, this plugin offers a seamless experience for users.

Noteworthy is its 100% responsiveness and default mobile-friendly design, ensuring that galleries look great and function well across a variety of devices. Envira Gallery Lite is highly optimized for web and server performance, contributing to a smooth and efficient user experience.

The plugin’s compatibility with top page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more, makes it a versatile choice for users who prefer these popular tools for website development.

Gallery example:

envira gallery example

Envira Gallery Lite provides customization options through its built-in WordPress templates and layouts, allowing users to tailor the appearance of their galleries to match their website’s design. Additionally, users have the flexibility to create their own templates, adding a layer of personalization to their galleries.



foo gallery plugin

FooGallery is a user-friendly image gallery plugin designed to simplify the process of creating visually stunning galleries on WordPress websites. It offers seven beautiful pre-built image gallery templates and places a strong emphasis on performance and SEO optimization.

The plugin is fully responsive and retina-ready, ensuring that galleries adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and provide high-quality displays for users with high-resolution screens. Supporting lazy loading, FooGallery enhances page loading speed by loading images only as they become visible to the user, resulting in lightning-fast photo galleries.

It provides live previews during the gallery creation process, allowing users to visually understand how the gallery will appear on their websites.

A built-in lightbox is included, offering customization options for lightbox colors, transitions, and more. Additional features include a thumb strip, fullscreen mode, and auto progress control. Users can override captions shown in the lightbox for added personalization.

Gallery example:

foogallery example

This WordPress gallery plugin also supports multisite installations, making it suitable for users managing multiple WordPress sites within a network.


Gmedia Photo Gallery

gmedia gallery plugin

The Gmedia Gallery plugin for WordPress is a versatile tool that simplifies the management of files, creation of image galleries, and implementation of engaging photo slideshows on your website. Its comprehensive interface allows efficient handling of galleries, images, video, and audio files.

This plugin supports the upload of an unlimited number of photo and audio files, making it easy to create multiple galleries and playlists for diverse media organization. Users can group pictures and other files into albums, and add tags to each file for improved categorization and accessibility.

Gallery example:

gmedia gallery example

Gmedia Gallery excels in handling various file formats, providing flexibility to manage and link any files with images effortlessly. It also streamlines the content transfer process by allowing the import of images with captions from the WordPress Media Library, Flagallery plugin, and NextGen Gallery plugin directly to the Gmedia Library.


Modula Lite

modula wordpress gallery plugin

Modula Lite stands out as an impressive WordPress gallery plugin designed to effortlessly add custom, unique, and responsive galleries to your website. The plugin offers three versatile gallery types: Creative, Custom Grid, and Masonry.

With this free WordPress gallery plugin, building stunning lightbox galleries, masonry grids, custom grids, and more is made easier than ever. The plugin provides a user-friendly experience right from the WordPress dashboard, allowing users to create visually appealing galleries with just a few clicks.

It integrates seamlessly with popular website builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi Builder, enhancing its compatibility and flexibility.

Gallery example:

modula wordpress gallery plugin

Notable features of Modula Lite include zoom-in/zoom-out loading effects, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to the galleries.


NextGEN Gallery

NextGen Gallery stands out as one of the oldest and most reliable free WordPress gallery plugins, particularly favored by photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals looking to showcase their work effectively.

The plugin offers three main gallery styles—slideshow, thumbnail, and image browser galleries—and two album styles—compact and extended.

Each style comes with an extensive array of options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, lightbox effects, and more. This diversity empowers users to customize their galleries according to their specific preferences.

Gallery example:

nexgen gallery example

This WordPress photo gallery plugin provides a comprehensive WordPress gallery management system. Users can leverage batch upload functionality for efficient photo uploading, import meta data for enhanced organization, and perform various actions such as adding, deleting, rearranging, and sorting photos. The plugin also allows users to edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.


Photo Gallery by 10Web

Photo Gallery by 10Web is a user-friendly and mobile-friendly image gallery plugin that seamlessly balances simplicity with powerful functionality.

This gallery WordPress plugin is equipped with an array of stunning layout options, providing users with flexibility in presenting their visual content.

It offers diverse gallery and album views, allowing for dynamic and engaging displays. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple widgets and various extensions further enhances the plugin’s functionality, providing users with expanded features.

Gallery example:

photo gallery by 10web example

Photo Gallery by 10Web is an excellent choice for photography websites, blogs, and any site that requires robust image galleries with easy navigation. Its adaptability and ease of use make it a valuable asset for users seeking to showcase their visual content in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner on their websites.



Jetpack multipurpose WordPress plugin

Jetpack, developed by Automattic, the team behind the WordPress CMS, is a versatile WordPress plugin that provides a range of features. Among its offerings is the tiled gallery block feature, available for free.

This block feature builds on the native WordPress gallery, offering a more streamlined and customizable gallery design. Users can format their galleries in various ways, including square tiles, circular grids, tiled columns, or a mosaic. Additionally, the plugin provides some basic customization options, allowing users to tailor the appearance of their galleries to better suit their preferences.

Gallery example:

jetpack gallery example

Jetpack’s tiled gallery block feature is a convenient and accessible tool for users looking to enhance the visual presentation of their images.


Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

responsive lightbox and gallery plugin for WordPress

The Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is a robust WordPress gallery plugin featuring a powerful Drag & Drop Gallery Builder and Lightbox functionality. This plugin is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to create galleries seamlessly while also incorporating an elegant lightbox display.

Packed with customization options for each gallery and lightbox style, this plugin offers flexibility to tailor the visual elements to suit the specific audience of your website. Users can easily tweak the settings with just a few clicks, ensuring that the galleries align with the overall design and aesthetics of the site.

Built with a focus on SEO and performance, this gallery plugin for WordPress is lightweight and optimized for fast page load times.



Final Thoughts

The highlighted WordPress gallery plugins not only present a diverse array of features but also cater to specific niches, ensuring a perfect match for your unique requirements. Despite variations in pricing, features, these plugins share a common objective: to engage visitors and extend their stay on your pages.

Choosing the right gallery plugin for WordPress is crucial, as it holds equal importance to the content within your gallery. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider factors such as gallery types, ease of use, customization options, compatibility, and support when selecting a WordPress gallery plugin.

Ultimately, the utilization of these WordPress gallery plugins will elevate the presentation of your images, infusing professionalism and style into your online presence.

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