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fonts for coding

15+ Best Programming fonts for coding

Are you looking for the optimum fonts for coding? As developer, you need suit font that make you feel comfortable when using code editors. Discover in the following lines the best programming fonts for coding that minimize headaches, make coding easier, and improve your productivity.   Top Programming fonts for coding THE FOLLOWING AFTER THIS…
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créer un blog WordPress

Beginner’s Guide: Blogging With WordPress in 4 simple steps

Blogging with WordPress to share your knowledge, increase your online visibility and turn it into a source of income is considered by many to be a daunting task. This is not the case at all. You can launch a blog in a few minutes without any difficulty. Just follow the simple steps listed below to…
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visual studio de code : éditeurs de code gratuits

10 Best Free Code Editors for Linux, Mac and Windows

It is advantageous for a developer to design his applications using a modern code and text editor that is compatible with the three major operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows) and provides excellent functionality. This saves valuable time when writing code. In the following lines, we offer you the best modern well-equipped free code editors…
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sites d'idées et d'inspirations pour les designers

28 Best Graphic Design Blogs for Inspiration for webdesigners, graphic artist and photographers

Being a designer means constantly finding new inspirations and ideas for your work, because ideas are the key to design. At the beginning of their career, designers have crazy inspirations and never stop producing great works at a frantic pace. But as time goes by, the enthusiasm is not the same, so the inspiration and…
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pixel-together : constructeur de site internet

15 Best Online Portfolio Builders

What are online portfolio builders? There are online platform that integrates features that allow you to create a website where you can showcase your works for free or for a few dollars without technical knowledge. They provide you with page builders that allow you to drag and drop and get results in a few minutes.…
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moteurs de recherche alternatifs à Google

24 Best Alternative Search Engines to Google

Discover in this article the best alternative search engines to Google. Google is the most used search engine on a daily basis for product searches, and also for news. It holds alone more than 90% of the market, it is the leader. It is easy to use, its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and it…
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plugins gratuits wordpress

10 Free WordPress Plugins Essential for a WordPress website

In this article, you will discover the essential free WordPress plugins for a WordPress website and their roles. It’s no secret that WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system for building a website. Currently, more than 40% of the active websites on the web are running on WordPress. WordPress is a…
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meilleurs hébergeurs gratuits

15 Free Hosting of Website Without Ads

Using free hosting of website is either a temporary or permanent solution depending on your web project. When you have a serious web project to launch, it is better to choose one of the best web hosting companies with interesting costs and adequate offers. But when it’s a test project or a simple project where…
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plateformes de blog gratuites

12 best platform for blogs to share content and inform

Are you looking for the best platform for blogs? In this article, you will discover the ones that are free and that allow you to launch your blog for free to share your works and ideas on the internet. The best platform for blogs well equipped The best self-hosted blog platforms WordPress is the…
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