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créer un blog WordPress

Beginner’s Guide: Blogging With WordPress in 4 simple steps

Blogging with WordPress to share your knowledge, increase your online visibility and turn it into a source of income is considered by many to be a daunting task. This is not the case at all. You can launch a blog in a few minutes without any difficulty. Just follow the simple steps listed below to…
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installer Google Analytics sur WordPress

Beginner’s Guide : How to install Google Analytics in WordPress easily

Looking for an easy way to install Google Analytics in WordPress? In the following lines, you will see the importance of having Google Analytics installed on a site, learn how to install it with a plugin and also manually, then see the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two methods. Why install Google Analytics…
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comment dupliquer une ou un article WordPress

Beginner’s Guide: How to duplicate a page in WordPress or a post in WordPress?

In this article, you will first learn why you may need to duplicate a page in WordPress or a post in WordPress. And then you’ll see how to do it, either by touching the WordPress source code or by simply doing it with a few clicks. Why clone or duplicate a page in WordPress or…
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comment trouver l'URL de connexion WordPress

Beginner’s Guide: How login WordPress admin, Modify it and Secure it

Many new users are unfamiliar with the WordPress CMS and have trouble how login WordPress admin. As a result, they can’t access the WordPress login page and log into the dashboard to manage their website. If you are in this situation, read this article to the end. Because in the following lines, in addition to…
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How to realize bootstrap-datepicker simply

Datepicker is a graphical user interface widget, which present on a website allows users to select a date or a date range. It is a component that by default displays a date entry field, and a calendar that appears when you click on the entry field. In the following lines, I show you step by…
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popup bootstrap

How to create a Bootstrap popup easily in 3 simple steps

What is a Bootstrap popup? What is it used for? And above all how to implement it in a web project? The Bootstrap popup is a small window designed with the Bootstrap library that is superimposed on a web page after putting a gray mask on it. Its uses are multiple, it can be used…
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réaliser un formulaire à l'aide de Bootstrap

How to create a Bootstrap Forms easily in 2 simple steps

Bootstrap, to help us make beautiful forms, it gave splendor to the HTML form elements whose primitive styles are unattractive. Let’s discover in 2 steps how to design beautiful Bootstrap forms with his fourth version. Design Bootstrap Forms with BS4 (Bootstrap 4) First Step : Know and apply Bootstrap 4 styles for form elements THE…
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