15 Best Divi Layouts (Top Choices)

divimade layouts pack

Divi layouts are game-changing tools for both novice and experienced web designers.

They are pre-designed templates that ensure the easy launch of a stunning website within minutes. These layouts serve both as a source of inspiration and a time-efficient solution.

Whether you’re crafting an online store, a corporate website, or a personal portfolio, I present to you in this blog post a collection of some of the best Divi layouts covering every business genre.

Simplified Selection of Best Divi Layouts


Divi Layouts

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Blogging Toolkit50 Unique blog & post layout pack, 12 amazing blog grid designs$7Get this Pack
DiviMadeOver 1330+ Divi Premade Templates, 230+ Divi Styled Modules, 110 Stunning Hero Sections, 920+ Pre-designed Dark/Light Sections$23Get this Pack
WooCommerce Layouts for Divi60+ Divi WooCommerce Product Layouts, 40 Shop Layouts, 20 Divi WooCommerce Cart Templates, 20 Divi WooCommerce Checkout Templates, 70 Sections for Divi and WooCommerce$23Get this Pack
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle6350+ Styles & 35 Layouts Pack & 16 Webkit$23Get this Pack
The Basic Wireframe UI Kit568 premade sections, 28 Designed Layouts, 150+ Styled Components, Light & Dark Sections$28Get this Pack

Full List of Best Divi Layouts


WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

Divi woocommerce layouts

WooCommerce Layouts for Divi infuses your online shop with the essence of simplicity and elegance, making the browsing and buying process a seamless joy for your customers.

With over 60 distinctive WooCommerce Product Layouts, your products won’t just be displayed; they’ll be showcased in a manner that captivates and converts.

You can utilize any of the 40 mesmerizing Shop Layouts to keep your visitors engaged and navigating through your wares with ease. And when it comes to the nuts and bolts of eCommerce – the carts and checkouts – you’re covered with 20 WooCommerce Cart Templates and 20 Checkout Templates, each designed to streamline the shopping experience.

Moreover, the collection is rounded off with 70 versatile Sections designed specifically for Divi and WooCommerce, ensuring every facet of your online store – from product showcases to checkout processes – is functional as well as beautiful.



divimade layouts pack

With an extensive collection of 33+ landing page layouts, DiviMade caters to a wide array of industries, ensuring your website stands out in the digital landscape.

It offers 1000+ premade sections, ranging from compelling hero sections and persuasive CTAs to engaging about us pages, testimonials, and more. Whether you prefer the elegance of light modes or the sophistication of dark modes, its versatility shines through many of its layouts.

With this Divi layout, you also have access to 230+ styled module layouts such as sliders, pricing tables, tabs, blogs, buttons, and much more. Each module meticulously is designed to enhance user engagement and elevate your website’s aesthetic.

Tailored for the ambitious designer, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone in between who craves a vast, versatile library of layouts to streamline their projects, DiviMade is the layout pack to save time and effortlessly enrich your digital creations.


The Basic Wireframe UI Kit

The Basic Wireframe UI Kit pack

The Basic Wireframe UI Kit is an absolute treasure trove for web designers and Divi enthusiasts alike, offering a staggering collection of 568 premade sections, alongside 28 diverse page layouts ready to catapult your website’s aesthetic and user experience into the stratosphere.

Whether you’re crafting a sleek home page, an informative about section, or detailed service and contact pages, this pack has you covered.

Spanning a wide range of essential website components including everything from headers and footers to calls to action and FAQs, the pack comes complete with both light and dark mode variations to suit any mood or branding requirement.

These meticulously crafted layouts are your go-to resource for creating stunning, professional-quality websites with ease and efficiency.


Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle offers an astonishing array of over 6350 layouts, this bundle is your one-stop solution for any web design project you can imagine.

Whether you’re redesigning your blog, business website, or crafting an online portfolio, the versatility of module, section, and page layouts available at your fingertips is unrivaled.

It includes a diversity of 16 unique webkits, each offering more than 2150 section layouts themed to perfection.

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle brings you 35 meticulously curated layout packs. Each pack is a goldmine of fully designed website pages, including standard essentials like Home, About, Services, and Contact pages. With over 20 designed pages per pack, tailoring your website for any industry or style is just a few clicks away.

It is ideal for designers, DIY enthusiasts, and everyone in between, this bundle is truly jam-packed with limitless layout possibilities.


Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack is a collection crafted exclusively for Divi’s Theme Builder. You have the freedom to choose from over 980 different header configurations, each designed to elevate your site’s navigation and aesthetic appeal effortlessly.

This Header Layouts pack includes 136 distinctive header designs, catering to every need – from RTL and creative headers to those optimized for WooCommerce shops, featuring vertical logos, innovative menu effects, dropdown animations, and so much more.

Ideal for any website utilizing Divi, this pack is a toolkit to craft headers that not only catch the eye but also enhance user experience with seamless navigation.


Landing Pages for Divi

Landing page Layouts pack

Landing Pages for Divi layout pack boasts a collection of over 45 landing page templates, this pack caters to a wide array of business needs with its versatile range of styles including corporate, modern, and illustrative designs.

Each template is meticulously crafted to include a hero section – a focal point where you can showcase compelling graphics or images that represent your brand, along with essential information, features, calls to action, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to create a stunning one-page website swiftly or aiming to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, these landing page layouts are crafted with perfection in mind.


Footers Pack for Divi

footers pack for Divi

The Footers Pack for Divi packed over 175 exquisite footer designs crafted to perfection. This pack offers a variety of styles including, but not limited to, sleek light and dark color schemes as well as captivating image-style footers.

Engineered for adaptability, these footers boast a plethora of layouts, all featuring clean, contemporary designs.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned web developer, these footers are astonishingly easy to customize, ensuring your website stands out without the hassle of creating a design from scratch.


Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

The Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit is your go-to toolkit for crafting an impeccable online presence, regardless of your site’s niche.

It is packed with over 500 layouts at your fingertips, from captivating hero sections that make a strong first impression to dynamic blog modules designed to engage and retain your audience. This kit transcends ordinary design boundaries with its eclectic mix of sliders, service sections, compelling CTAs, detailed pricing tables, engaging team sections, sleek contact forms, authentic testimonials, comprehensive WooCommerce layouts, and so much more.

Specially curated for those craving creative, ready-to-use layouts, the Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit is perfect for e-commerce mavens, businesses, agencies striving for excellence, event organizers wanting to stand out, and essentially anyone aiming to leave a mark with their online project.


Finance Layout Pack

dinance Divi layouts pack

Finance Layout Pack is designed specifically for financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks, loan providers, and credit firms.

This Layout Pack is easy to import. With comprehensive step-by-step layouts and thoroughly documented instructions, setting up your financial website is now as hassle-free as it gets.

This pack is your one-stop solution, comprising three meticulously crafted JSON files: Finance-Home.json to make a striking first impression, About Us.json to narrate your company’s story, and Contact Us.json to ensure your clients can effortlessly reach out.


Divi Attorney Layout Pack | Multipurpose

divi attorney layout pack

The Divi Attorney Layout Pack is a fusion of elegance and efficiency tailored specifically for legal professionals and law agencies.

This Layout Pack serves as digital foundation for your legal practice, offering a comprehensive landing page alongside meticulously designed subpages that cover every aspect of your law firm’s presence online.

Its unique and creative design stands out in a congested digital space, offering a memorable first impression that translates into engagement and trust.

Flexibility is at the heart of the Divi Attorney Layout Pack, providing you with the tools to customize each element to match your brand’s ethos seamlessly, making it truly your own. The multi-page layout not only simplifies your site’s structure but elevates the user experience, guiding potential clients effortlessly through your services, team profiles, and more.


Divi Popup Layout Pack

Divi Popup Layout Pack

The versatile Divi Popup & Slide-In Layout Pack transforms how you engage with your audience by infusing your site with dynamic popups and slide-ins, tailored to capture attention and trigger action.

Whether you’re looking to unveil a special promotion, capture leads with a subscription form, or present crucial information, this layout has you covered. It offers unparalleled customization with five distinct positions for slide-ins – choose from Left, Right, Top, Bottom, or go bold with Fullscreen.

It also provides four intuitive ways to trigger these popups, including the use of a Label, Button/link, Scroll, or the highly effective Exit-intent feature. This layout pack is an indispensable tool for any site looking to enhance user experience, improve engagement, and achieve higher conversion rates.



divicommerce pack

DiviCommerce is a Game-Changer for E-commerce Websites.

This exceptional layout pack is a treasure trove, boasting over 35 Woo page layouts, 165+ Woo sections, and an impressive array of 85+ Woo-styled modules.

Whether you’re envisioning a sleek home page, an intuitive product page, or a seamless shopping experience, this Divi layout pack has got you covered. From cart and checkout layouts to account page designs, the variety is astounding.

DiviCommerce is ideal for entrepreneurs, designers, or anyone in the realm of e-commerce with an eye for detail and a heart for usability.


Blogging Toolkit – Blog & Post layouts for Divi

Divi blogging toolkit

The Blogging Toolkit layout for Divi is designed meticulously for bloggers and content creators, this toolkit is your golden ticket to transforming your blog into a visually captivating and highly interactive space.

With a whopping collection of 50 different designs at your disposal, you’re spoilt for choice.

From 12 eye-catching blog grid layouts to 8 sophisticated blog layouts with sidebars, and 8 delightful blog list layouts to 4 expansive full-width blog layouts – the variety doesn’t end there. It also boasts 4 innovative blog layouts with a post slider and 7 unique blog post page layouts, ensuring your content is always displayed in its best light.

The many designs incorporate sleek hover animations, elevating the visual appeal of your site while ensuring a seamless user experience.

It is ideal for anyone keen on customizing their blog’s appearance beyond the ordinary.


Financial Planning Layout Pack

Financial Planning Layout Pack

The Financial Planning Layout Pack layout is designed to cater to businesses looking to captivate their audience with a sleek, sophisticated appearance paired with vibrant, playful graphics.

Sporting seven meticulously crafted pages – Home, Landing Page, About, Services, Financial Planning, Blog, and Contact – it’s equipped to showcase your services and highlight your features in style.

With its striking design, this layout is not confined to the realms of financial planning; its versatility makes it a perfect match for a broad spectrum of service-based industries, agencies, and any business eager to stand out with a dark-themed aesthetic.

Whether it’s the engaging color pops or the strategic positioning of calls to action, this layout pack helps to guide your visitors effortlessly toward engaging with your services.

It is ideal for businesses that dare to differentiate, this layout pack promises not just to meet expectations but to exceed them.


Home Decor Layout Pack

Home Decor Layout Pack

Home Decor Layout Pack comprises seven fully designed pages— a captivating landing page, a sleek home page, an informative about page, a user-friendly shop page, detailed product pages, a dynamic blog, and a straightforward contact page.

It stands out with its bold typography and colorful, playful shapes that seamlessly integrate with images through unique masked techniques, infusing each page with a distinctive, creative aura.

Although it’s tailor-made for home decor e-commerce stores, its versatile design makes it perfect for a wide array of businesses, including architecture firms, interior design studios, and virtually any e-commerce website aiming to showcase their products memorably.

It is ideal for home decor store owners, e-commerce platforms, and design studios desiring a website that breaks the mold.




The best Divi layout for your website depends on a combination of personal preferences, desired functionality, and specific layout types you want to explore.

With a wide array of options from full sections and complete layouts to specialized template packs for finer design elements, there’s a solution to suit every project requirement.

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